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Break away from legacy solutions with shockingly simple backup and recovery.

Application-aware, agentless backup purpose-built for every environment.

Purpose-built for each data source protected
Single platform for hybrid and multi-cloud
1-click simplicity for protection and recovery
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Make sure your data is available when you need it with simple, secure
backup and recovery.

Managing backups can be stressful and time-consuming, especially within hybrid or multi-cloud environments. HYCU Protégé is a comprehensive hybrid cloud data protection platform engineered to simplify backup and recovery from on-prem to cloud and everywhere in between.

100% application focus

Automate the protection and recovery of your applications in one click and avoid partially recovered apps with application-consistent backups.

Stress-free backup and recovery service

No more installations, management, or upgrades. Set your backup policies, and HYCU will do the rest.

Eliminate data silos

Unified management and control of all your protected applications on-premises and in the public cloud.

Ransomware-proof backups

Ensure you’ll always be able to protect your data and recover using true immutability and air-gapped copies.

Impact-free, agentless backups

Eliminate the need for agents and their disruption using purpose-built protection, native snapshots, and functionality.

Monitoring & assurance

Ongoing monitoring of backup effectiveness with backup assurance to guarantee your data will be recoverable when needed.

Eliminate data silos to manage and protect your applications from one single interface.

Lower your TCO

Using a software-only and simplified infrastructure approach, you can get more from your existing infrastructure and eliminate the need for lengthy installations, configuration, and management.

Consolidate and visualize your data

Most organizations protect multiple disparate applications on-premises and in the public cloud. Protect, manage, and recover your critical data from one place using HYCU Protégé.

Quickly meet SLAs and compliance

Creating, applying, and enforcing SLAs and retention periods is simple, intuitive, and automated.

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