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Simple, native-built data protection for Azure.

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Cloud-native backup, disaster recovery, and migration for Microsoft Azure delivered as a fully-managed SaaS. No agents. No hassles.

Purpose-built backup and disaster recovery for Azure
Hybrid & multi-cloud enabled data protection
Rapid, risk-free migrations to Azure

Eliminate data loss and minimize downtime with simple, comprehensive data protection on your terms.

Protect and recover your Azure workloads in minutes with zero management, maintenance, or impact to your applications.

Automate your backups, accelerate your recovery.

Offload manual backup operations with set and forget backup policies and recover entire applications or single files with one click.

Cost-efficient 1-click disaster recovery.

Seamlessly failover to Azure or perform cross-region recoveries while only paying for the compute and storage you use. No more secondary sites.

Simple, risk-free migrations.

Migrate on-premises workloads without data loss and with application consistency to Azure – all in 1 click.

Eliminate data silos.

Protect, manage, and recover all your workloads – on-premises and cloud-native – from one single interface.

100% control, data privacy, and sovereignty.

There are no vendor storage requirements, which means you maintain complete ownership of your data; HYCU does not store anything, we just protect your data.

Streamline vendor management.

One vendor to protect workloads across your public cloud, private cloud, apps and databases, including secure, compliant protection for Microsoft 365 and Microsoft SQL Server.

Try HYCU for Azure for free.

Native, automated backup and recovery for Azure.

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Secure, application-aware data protection delivered as a service.

100% SaaS
Pay for what you use without any infrastructure or hardware requirements.
Built natively for Azure
HYCU utilizes native snapshots, Azure AD, resource tagging, blob storage tiers, and dynamic scale.
Agentless, impact-free backups
Utilizing native snapshots and impact-free backups, HYCU provides complete protection without the lag and performance of on-premises tools.
Dynamic scaling
HYCU automatically scales up and down based on your application needs. Never pay upfront for capacity; only pay for what you use.
Deploy 10x faster
Do not waste time on configuration, patches, or upgrades; simply install and protect in minutes.
DevOps enabled
Protect your applications in less than 5 minutes and recover with one click; anyone can do it.
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Different by design: Break free from the pain of traditional data protection solutions.

Recover VMs, folders, and files in minutes.
Cross-platform recovery from on-premises or public cloud to Azure.
Recover entire application workloads in a consistent state when an outage happens.
Use Azure object hot, cool, and archive tiers with auto-tiering for cost-efficient backups.
Protégé User Interface

Try HYCU for Azure for free.

Native, automated backup and recovery for Azure.

  • Protect your instances in minutes – no scripts required
  • Find and instantly restore any file in a few clicks
  • Protect and recover across all Azure accounts – in one view
  • Uses native snapshots, storage, and Azure Active Directory (AD)

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