HYCU Backup / Overview

Protect your mission-critical Google Workspace data the HYCU way.

Gain peace of mind knowing your mission-critical data will be recoverable when you need it.

HYCU Google Workspace SaaS backup application.
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100% SaaS

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Shockingly simple…really!

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Ransomware-proof backups

for Google Workspace / BENEFITS

Eliminate data loss and minimize downtime with simple, comprehensive backup and recovery on your terms.

Radically flexible and shockingly simple, it's data resiliency designed for real life.

Minimize downtime

Backing up your data won’t prevent an attack, but using HYCU immutable, air-gapped backups will ensure that you are able to recover quickly and minimize downtime in the event of an attack.

Save time & remove complexity

Engineered with elegance to provide you with a simple, reliable way to protect your Google Workspace environment, HYCU is true SaaS with zero agents. There is no ongoing management, maintenance, updates or lengthy sizing exercises to get started.

Decrease risk

HYCU for Google Workspaces provides 360° protection for your entire Google Workspace environment, so you can decrease the risk of experiencing data loss, downtime, or the high costs that can result from data corruption, accidental or malicious deletion, malware, and ransomware attacks.

Maintain compliance

HYCU for Google Workspace supports GDPR compliance and Legal holds, storing audit-ready backups that can be used in the event of litigation or to uncover the activity of bad actors within the company.

HYCU for Google Workspace provides comprehensive data protection as a service that includes high-performance, scalable backup with a highly flexible set of recovery options to prevent any form of data loss.
Also included is a rich feature set that helps meet legal, compliance and eDiscovery needs for any size organization. With HYCU's application-aware backup, granular recovery and migration, HYCU for Google Workspace offers true SaaS-based enterprise-class multi-cloud data protection.

Try HYCU Protégé for Google Workspace for free.

Secure, reliable data protection for your SaaS applications.

Protégé User Interface
Protégé User Interface

Try HYCU for Google Workspace for free.

Secure, reliable data protection for your SaaS applications.

  • Continuous email backup and advanced search across Google Workspace applications
  • Application-centric discovery and protection
  • Agentless, impact-free backups
  • E-Discovery and compliance
Free to activate. No credit card or billing rights required.