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Simple, scalable data protection for Google Cloud.

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Cloud-native backup, disaster recovery, and data mobility for Google Cloud.

Purpose-built on Google Cloud, for Google Cloud
Agentless, application-centric, and impact-free
Protect virtual, cloud-native, and SAP HANA workloads

Purpose-built, data protection for Google Cloud delivered as a service.

Protect and recover your Google Cloud workloads within minutes with zero management, maintenance, or impact on your applications.

Native protection for all workloads running on Google Cloud.

Protect SAP HANA, applications and databases running on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), and unstructured data hosted on Google Cloud Storage.

Cost-efficient 1-click disaster recovery.

Perform cross-region disaster recovery from disruptive events with a compute-free cost-efficient resiliency solution.

Instant lift and shift to Google Cloud.

Migrate on-premises workloads quickly and with application consistency to Google Cloud – all in as little as 1 click.

Eliminate data silos.

Protect, manage, and recover all your workloads – on-premises and cloud-native – from one single interface.

Visualize, manage, protect, and recover.

Own all your workloads – on-premises and cloud-native – from one single interface.

100% control, data privacy, and sovereignty.

Dealing with vendors who store and control your data is a headache that often causes compliance and regulatory concerns. You own your data; HYCU does not store anything, we just protect it.

Manage, protect, and recover your applications in Google Cloud with 1-click simplicity.

100% SaaS
Pay for what you use without any infrastructure requirements.
Built natively for Google Cloud
Built using native snapshots, services, and fully integrated with Identity Access Management (IAM) and Cloud Billing on the Google Cloud Marketplace.
Agentless, impact-free backups
Complete protection without the lag and performance of on-premises tools due to native snapshots and impact-free backups.
Dynamic scaling
Automatically scales up and down based on your application needs. Never pay upfront for capacity; only pay for what you use.
Deploy 10x faster
Do not waste time on configuration, patches, or upgrades; simply install and protect in minutes.
Optimized for SAP HANA
Efficient integration with Google Cloud to provide complete data protection for SAP HANA.

Try HYCU for Google Cloud for free.

Native data protection for all your workloads running in Google Cloud.

Protégé User Interface
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Architected for scale, security, and simplicity.

  • Recovery of VMs, folders, and files in minutes.
  • Cross-platform recovery from on-premises or public cloud to Google Cloud.
  • Recover entire application workloads in a consistent state when an outage happens.
  • Native integration with Google Cloud Storage.

Easy to use, scalable data protection for Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE).

Protect GKE without slowing down
Use simple, automated protection policies across container and non-container sources to remove any manual operations.
1-click simplicity
Rapidly recover an entire application, from individual persistent disks to YAML files. No learning curve necessary.
Application centric
Automatically discover and start protecting GKE workloads with SLAs at the application level.
Protégé User Interface

Try HYCU for Google Cloud for free.

Native data protection for all your workloads running in Google Cloud.

  • Protect VMs, Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), and SAP HANA in minutes – no scripts required
  • Purpose-built backup, disaster recovery, and mobility
  • Find and instantly restore any file in a few clicks
  • Uses native snapshots, storage, dynamic scale, and Google Identity Access Management (IAM).

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