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The #1 choice for Nutanix backup and data protection.

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The only purpose-built data protection solution for Nutanix.

100% Application Focus
Simple, secure data protection
Built for Nutanix

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Unlock secure, reliable data protection without the complexity.

HYCU for Nutanix offers a native experience designed to radically simplify your backup, disaster recovery, and migration activities.

Purpose-built for Nutanix

Agentless, application-consistent backup and recovery for all VMs, Volume Groups, and Nutanix Files running on Nutanix Enterprise Cloud.

Easily migrate into Nutanix

Simplify migration of your on-premises and cloud workloads into Nutanix without the risk of data loss or disruption.

Reduce your TCO

Save time, costs, and resources using Nutanix infrastructure and automating your data protection down to a few clicks.

Reduce downtime and data loss

Integrate with Nutanix DR replication and unlock the value of the public cloud for cost-efficient disaster recovery.

Don't let your data protection solution slow down your hyperconverged infrastructure.

1-click simplicity built for Nutanix
Protect your applications in minutes
High-performance, zero-impact backups
Instant discovery of your applications
Scale up, out, and across multiple data centers with ease
hycu screenshot
hycu screenshot

High-performing, high-speed backup, and recovery for Nutanix.

Purpose-built data protection supporting AHV/ESX Volume Groups and Nutanix Files
Impact-free and high-speed recovery using Nutanix’s VM level snapshots
Resource and cost-efficient backups to Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and AWS S3 with zero cloud deployments
Host multiple tenants and users with simple, self-service sandbox-style environments
Ransomware-proof backups using WORM-enabled S3 storage (Nutanix Objects or AWS S3)
Native integration with Nutanix Mine
Protégé User Interface

Try HYCU for Nutanix for free.

The #1 choice for Nutanix backup.

  • Automatically discover and protect your applications in minutes
  • Back up to the public cloud seamlessly
  • Purpose-built using Nutanix’s VM-level snapshots
  • Easily migrate into Nutanix

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