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March 2024: HYCU is excited to continue to drive unprecedented innovation in data protection with the latest platform release to help customers see, protect and recover more of their critical data than ever before.

HYCU’s March release delivers new automated backup and granular restore capabilities for multiple SaaS applications and cloud services. Curious about seeing HYCU in action? Turn on HYCU R-Cloud today and get full platform access – including all these new capabilities – for free!

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March 2024


Backup and Restore for Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

Amazon VPC enables customers to launch AWS services into a virtual private network they define. Amazon VPC configurations are critical to securing the network, controlling access and ensuring that it connects seamlessly with other resources, and lost configurations leave these private networks vulnerable.

With HYCU R-Cloud, customers can now backup and restore these configurations maintained in Amazon VPC, such as subnets, ACLs, NAT Gateways, and Security Groups. This acts as an “Undo button” if there is an accidental or malicious change to a VPC configuration.

Backup and Restore for Atlassian BitBucket

Atlassian’s BitBucket is used by engineering teams to store valuable intellectual property including source code, scripts templates and more. Losing data in BitBucket can bring engineering efforts to a halt.  

Through HYCU R-Cloud, customers can now safeguard their precious IP and DevOps configuration files stored in BitBucket. With granular restore for repositories, pull requests, and assets you can now recover rapidly from any accidental or malicious changes.

Backup and Restore for GitLab

GitLab is a DevSecOps platform that that provides software development teams with a single place to support all stages of the development lifecycle from project planning and source code management to monitoring and security. The data stored in GitLab contains valuable IP that powers customers’ software development efforts and if lost, can undo years of development work.  

HYCU now extends protection to the GitLab DevSecOps platform as well as support for their source code management solution.  Through HYCU R-Cloud, customers can now take advantage of easy policy-based protection with granular restores to protect valuable information and IP stored in GitLab.

February 2024


Backup and Restore for AWS Parameter Store

Now you can use HYCU R-Cloud to backup and restore valuable information stored in AWS Parameter Store. And with just a few clicks, you can enable item-level restores of Parameters to eliminate worry about accidental or malicious deletions.

Seeding and pre-prod recovery for Okta unlocks new use cases

HYCU R-Cloud can now restore backed up data and configuration to other Okta service instances to address some powerful use cases, such as testing a restore to a pre-prod instance before updating the production environment, and the ability to use a backup to seed an alternate instance fully or partially to set up a test or development environment. This capability is currently available for the Okta Workforce Identity Cloud module.

Significant storage cost savings for backups of cloud-native workloads.

HYCU R-Cloud has now expanded the compression of backup data for select cloud-native workloads. This was previously available for all on-prem workloads. Expect more enhancements to drive storage cost savings in future updates!

Extended support for AWS S3 Express One Zone storage class

Customers using AWS S3 Express One Zone can now further increase their data resilience with the addition of multi-regional data protection for their critical data stored in this storage class.

January 2024


Backup and Restore for Podio

HYCU now protects valuable and mission-critical information that your company manages in Podio.  From the entire Organization or Workspace, HYCU can protect and restore down to a single Task or Item.

Backup and Restore for Redis

HYCU has now added support for backing up and restoring data in Redis.  From Strings and Steams to Lists and Sets, HYCU protects this important data from accidental or malicious deletions, encryptions or corruptions.

Enhancements to HYCU R-Graph

HYCU has greatly enhanced R-Graph to deliver a more seamless user experience. This update includes:  

  • Improved performance and responsiveness
  • Enhanced reporting on the native data protection capabilities available for SaaS and cloud
  • Additional customization and visualization options including improved hide and unhide controls and enhanced zoom in / out capabilities.

Enhanced protection options for AWS public sector customers

HYCU now extends the same simple, modern, and comprehensive data protection capabilities that customers love to public sector workloads running in AWS (inc GovCloud) with the release of a new offering - HYCU for AWS Public Sector. With HYCU for AWS Public Sector, you can maintain 100% control of your mission-critical data running in AWS and gain peace of mind knowing that it is safe, secure, and recoverable when you need it the most – all while lowering your ransomware and malware attack surface with no agents, plugins or proxies.

Enhanced VM automation with more granular auto-assignment of VMs

Continuing our commitment to our customers to simplify data protection, we have now added more auto-assignment capabilities for VMs. Now you can assign VMs automatically to self-service groups based on categories, tags, or custom attributes. This is a huge time-saver in complex data protection environments, especially for MSPs!

NetApp ONTAP protection: Increased security, control, and performance

Our continued innovation provides increased control, flexibility, and security for customers using NetApp ONTAP. You can now manage your individual access zones as separate sources, giving you finer-grained control over your data protection strategy, allowing you to assign the protection of specific access zones to meet different RTOs and RPOs. Proactively prevent data spillage by individually controlling access to each of your access zones through simplified RBAC permissions, ensuring only authorized users can see and manage their own data.

Save on storage costs for VMware vSphere VMs residing on vSAN and vVols

Seamlessly perform a snapshot of your vSphere VMs residing on vSAN and vVols and archive them for long-term retention. This new capability frees up valuable space on your primary storage without interrupting operations, saving you significant storage costs.

December 2023


Backup and Restore for Google Artifact Registry

Avoid using manual scripts and automate the protection and recovery of your valuable software artifacts, including container images and Docker files that your software developers and DevOps teams rely on every day.

Backup and Restore for Google Cloud Bigtable

Ensure the critical data within your Google Cloud Bigtable instance is safe, secure, and recoverable when you need it the most. Restore an entire instance or just a table to meet your most critical SLAs.

Backup and Restore for Google Cloud Firestore

Safeguard your intellectual property stored in Google Cloud Firestore with automated, immutable backups. Rapidly restore entire collections or simply namespaces without the hassle of manual scripts.

Backup and Restore for CircleCI

Imagine losing your data and configuration of your valuable CI/CD pipeline.  Now you can automate backups of CircleCI with just a few clicks and restore projects and contexts with ease.

Backup and Restore for DocuSign

Your DocuSign account contains numerous valuable agreements and documents. You can now protect these assets with just a few clicks, and initiate restore for Envelopes, Groups, Templates, and much more in just a few seconds.

Backup and Restore for GitHub

GitHub repositories store the most precious information, from source code to DevOps configurations, this often represents years of development work. HYCU for Github can now take safe backups of GitHub repos, issues, pull requests, and releases on immutable storage that you own, and you can restore them with just a few clicks.

Backup and Restore for

Automatic, policy-based protection for your boards and items, safeguarding your teams’ and projects’ progress.

Backup and Restore for Pinecone

Pinecone is one of the hottest vector databases optimized for storing Gen AI information.  You can now use HYCU to protect your valuable Pinecone Projects against accidental or malicious deletions, and take advantage of granular restores for Indexes and Vectors when needed.

Backup and Restore for Wrike

Using Wrike to keep track of projects, budgets, deadlines, and schedules? It would be disastrous if you lose that data.  You can now setup automatic protection for your Wrike service, and restore the entire account, or do partial restores of information like schedules, groups, spaces, and workflows.

November 2023


Backup and Restore for AWS CloudFormation

Automatically protect your AWS CloudFormation configurations and restore of stacks, stack templates, stack policies, registries, and several more items.

Backup and Restore for AWS Key Management Service (KMS)

Losing your configurations in AWS KMS can have a severe impact on your organization. Now, you can automatically protect AWS KMS and enjoy item-level restore for keys, policies, aliases, tags, and more!

Backup and Restore for AWS Lambda

Quickly restore your Lambda functions to production in case of deletions or accidents. You can automatically back up your functions along with other critical services in AWS, with no scripting required.

Backup and Restore for Google Cloud Run

Protect and restore your Google Cloud Run Jobs and Services in just a few clicks to recover from any configurational errors.

Backup and Restore for Google Cloud Functions

Protect your Google Cloud Functions configuration as well.  Full protection for your function definitions in just a few clicks, and granular restores that allow you to restore functions to the original project or another destination project.

Backup and Restore for ClickUp

All your team’s planning data for your mission-critical projects can now be protected with HYCU.  From protecting entire ClickUp Workspaces to restoring a single List, Task, or Attachment, HYCU will help you recover from any accidental or malicious deletions, and help you meet your data retention compliance goals!

Backup and Restore for Okta Customer Identity Cloud (Okta CIC, previously Auth0)

Okta CIC is the leading identity engine that manages customer and partner access to apps, services, websites, and portals.

In addition to Okta Workforce Identity Cloud, customers can now use HYCU to protect Okta CIC information and configuration, from Tenants, Organizations, and Users, to Applications, Roles, Rules, and Hooks.

The Okta CIC service stems from the acquisition of Auth0 by Okta, so the module also supports Auth0 SaaS deployments.

Dark Mode

Reduce the strain on your eyes and set the HYCU UI to dark mode.

Enhanced Restore capabilities for Atlassian Jira, Jira Work Management, and Jira Service Management

Due to many customer requests, we have added support to restore additional fields:

  • Project Roles and actors
  • Assignee, Reporter, Request Participants, Approvers
  • Project Lead
  • Timestamps are preserved in a comment
  • Issue history, Workloads, Watchers, Customer Request Type and State, SLA, and Approvals are restored as an attachment
  • Original Ticket ID will be part of the Issue Summary
  • Standard Custom Fields

Support for New Fields in Jira and Jira Work Management

Customers protecting Jira and Jira Work Management can now backup and restore additional fields:

  • Assignee and Reporter
  • Worklogs
  • History
  • Roles and actors

Enhancements to HYCU R-Graph

Further optimizing the way you interact with R-Graph, we have added the following enhancements:

  • Submit development requests within R-Graph to add backup & restore for new data sources. HYCU will use this input to prioritize the protection of new SaaS applications.  
  • Right-click popup menus to add your application as a source and begin protecting.  
  • Hide/unhide nodes. You can now hide nodes to customize how you view your data estate within R-Graph.
  • Fit to screen.  Resize the R-Graph tree so it fits on your screen.

September 2023


Backup and Restore for AWS Identity and Access Management (AWS IAM) 

Recover from accidental deletions or security breaches with ease with automated, script-free backups and granular restore of AWS IAM. With HYCU for AWS IAM you can simplify and streamline disaster recovery, prevent data loss, and quickly restore user and access policies when needed! 

Backup and Restore for Amazon DynamoDB 

Selectively recover critical tables in DynamoDB with a single click and take advantage of automated, policy-based backups – all without any scripts. 

Backup and Restore for Google AlloyDB 

Deliver stress-free recovery of databases in Google AlloyDB in just a few clicks with policy-based backup, archive and quick recovery across regions. 

Backup and Restore for Terraform

Your data and configurations in Terraform are critical to your infrastructure. Protect and restore projects, workspaces, policies, variable sets, and more with one-click restore!

Backup and Restore for Asana

Easy to setup protection and one-click restores for your critical Asana data.  From Workspaces, Goals, Projects, down to Attachments, we got you covered against any accidental or malicious deletions.

Backup and Restore for Miro

Policy-based, automated backups and easy restores for the data you and your team(s) store in Miro.  From Teams and Projects, down to granular and selective recovery for Cards, Documents and Images, we protect all your notes, designs and documents.

Backup and Restore for Typeform

HYCU now delivers full protection for the popular online survey platform Typeform. With easy protection for the forms and responses you created and received, you are now covered against any accidental or malicious deletion. 

Backup and Restore for Jira Work Management

If you use Jira Work Management to plan, track and deliver projects on time, you can nowprotect and restore your Work Management projects all the way down to workflows, permissions, sub-tasks and attachments. 

Backup and Restore for Jira Product Discovery

For the product gurus and ideation people under us, HYCU now protect and restore your ideas, brainstorming notes, customer interviews, and files (pre-defined and custom), comments and attachments in one click.  

Enhanced! Backup and Restore for Jira Assets added to HYCU for Jira Service Management

Assets in Jira are your crown jewels. Now,your HYCU for Jira Service Management subscription can also protects Jira Assets!  HYCU delivers granular restore of critical assets and configurations including objects, object types, and schemas. You can even restore down to object types, objects, attributes and much more. 

August 2023


Backup and Restore for Notion

Notion, the popular project management and note-taking service, can now be protected using HYCU! This means that you can automate your Notion backups and restore workspaces, pages, databases, and blocks directly to production! You can start protecting your Notion by accessing the HYCU Marketplace.

Backup and Restore for Atlassian Trello

Trello, the visual tool that empowers your team to manage any type of project, workflow, or task tracking, can now be protected using HYCU! You can automate backup and restore Workspaces, Boards, Lists, Cards, and Attachments directly to production! You can now protect Jira, Confluence, Jira Service Management, and now Trello from one single view.

SaaS Discovery Capabilities on HYCU R-Graph

HYCU R-Graph is a free data estate discovery and visualization tool that enables you to instantly discover your SaaS and cloud apps, identify risks and protection gaps, and turn on purpose-built data protection in seconds. HYCU R-Graph™ has been enhanced so you can now:

  • Uncover unprotected applications and cloud services. HYCU R-Graph will now show you the applications you are using that do not have native backup and recovery capabilities and by default, are unprotected. Remember, even in the cloud, protecting your data is your responsibility. Now, you can identify SaaS applications your organization uses and answer questions like:
  1. Does this application allow me to restore data or configurations that are deleted or corrupted?  
  2. Does this application allow me to create backups on a schedule that meets my RPO needs?
  3. Does this application allow me to automatically store copies offsite, in the storage target of my choice?
  • Customize your view. HYCU R-Graph™ shows you applications and services found by department. Now, you can reposition these and customize views to more easily track the applications that matter most to your business.

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July 2023


R-Graph enhancements for improved visibility

What's new?

R-Graph has been enhanced significantly in the following areas:

  • Addition of a structured view for customers with a large dataset of SaaS sources.  
  • Ability to expand, contract, and hide R-Graph nodes.

What does this mean for you?

The first step to effectively protecting your data is gaining a clear picture of where it is and the protection status. This new functionality makes it easier to quickly see more information about data sources and applications within your data estate.  

Use Wasabi as a backup target for SaaS applications

What's new?

HYCU expands current SaaS backup target storage options with support for Wasabi S3-compatible storage.

What does this mean for you?

You now have more flexibility to choose the best storage options for your business needs. Wasabi S3-compatible storage offers a secure, cost-effective option to store your SaaS backups.

Extended protection options for Atlassian applications, Okta and Salesforce

What's new?

  • Jira, Jira Service Management and Confluence  
  1. Extended protection to include configuration data within these applications
  2. Restored issues are now annotated with the original issue keys
  • HYCU for Jira Service Management now supports the recently introduced team-managed JSM projects.  
  • HYCU for Salesforce now allows support for Partner standard objects
  • HYCU for Okta
  1. New customization options that enable customers to use custom domains and branding
  2. Customers can now back up system logs for auditing purposes    

What does this mean for you?

Further enhance data protection for your SaaS applications with new functionality to expand what you can protect within each application, enhance documentation and provide new customization options to boost your user experience.

Enhancements to File Protection and Recovery

What's new?

  • Significant engineering enhancements to how HYCU protects files.
  • Removed the need to schedule regular large and bandwidth-heavy full backups.
  • Improved handling of large multi-petabyte datasets

What does this mean for you?

  • No reconfiguration changes or user intervention required.
  • Faster recovery, shorter backup windows, and lower storage costs for files.
  • Meet backup and recovery SLAs for files even faster.

Additional AWS S3 Storage Options for On-premises Workloads

What's new?

  • Backup directly to an AWS S3 tier of your choice.
  • S3 Standard-IA, S3 One Zone-IA, S3 Glacier and more
  • One-time backup or schedule at regular intervals  

What does this mean for you?

  • Save costs by reconciling the needs of the data to the right storage tier from day one.
  • Increased flexibility with the freedom of choice to backup to the S3 storage tier that meets your business goals.
  • Avoid future labor-intensive information lifecycle management (ILM) tasks by alleviating the need to write to S3 Standard tier first.

Enhanced security options for NAS backup storage

What’s New?

  • NAS backup targets can now leverage retention lock for immutability.  
  • Data Domains compliant and Governance volumes.

What does this mean for you?

  • Boost the security and recoverability of backup data on NAS devices with additional immutable, ransomware-proof storage options.
  • Gain confidence knowing your data is safe from cyber threats.
  • Ensure compliance with tamper-proof backups.

Backup NetApp Cloud Volume Service in Google Cloud

What’s New?

  • Data protection for NetApp Cloud Volumes Service in Google Cloud

What does this mean for you?

  • Peace of mind recovering from threats to NetApp data in Google Cloud
  • Protection of NetApp data across your entire hybrid-cloud data estate
  • Further protecting your investment in NetApp

Simplified way to Customize Retention Policies

What’s New?

  • Manually change the retention of backups in the UI.

What does this mean for you?

  • Save time changing retention on backups without needing to engage HYCU support.
  • Align data retention with business needs - Compliance, eDiscovery (legal hold), audits, a suspected ransomware attack.
  • Have more control over your data.    

VMware VM Discovery

What’s New?

  • An easier way to discover and protect VMs based on datacenter or geo location.
  • Enhance security and mitigate risk with the option to segregate the protection of multiple VMs based on datacenters, while still managing your entire VMware infrastructure through a single vCenter.
  • Increase flexibility by creating a federated backup infrastructure that perfectly fits your VMware architecture, delivering a unified view for IT admins.

What does this mean for you?

  • Improve operational efficiency and simplify your user experience by expediting the protection of any current and future VMware VMs

March 2023


VMware vSAN and vVols

What’s New?

  • Support for vSAN and vVols.
  • Seamlessly leverage snapshots to easily protect data presented as vSAN and vVols.
  • Protect vSphere VMs (inc applications running on VMs) residing on vVols and vSAN datastores.

What does this mean for you?

  • No reconfiguration changes or user intervention required.
  • Restore faster to minimize downtime in the event of an unforeseen outage due to Ransomware, accidental deletion, or a disaster.
  • Gain peace of mind knowing that your data is secure and readily recoverable with HYCU.

Learn more about vSAN and vVols

VMware vSphere 8

What’s New?

  • Support for VMware vSphere 8.
  • Protection for data set data.

What does this mean for you?

  • 100% compatibility with the latest VMware features.
  • The same comprehensive VMware data protection capabilities.

Learn more about VMware vSphere 8

File Share Protection

What’s New?

  • Support for NetApp ONTAP leveraging snapshots.
  • File share protection with the capability of full or incremental backups.
  • Support for generic file shares support using NFS or SMB protocols.

What does this mean for you?

  • No overhead of any additional plugins or software.
  • Lightweight cloud-based capability.
  • Enhanced security with SMB encryption for NetApp ONTAP file shares.

Learn more about File Share Protection

February 2023


R-Cloud development platform

The world’s first low-code development platform for data protection enables SaaS vendors to develop purpose-built backup and recovery for their SaaS application in days.

  • Low-code, Integrated Development Environment: Empower SaaS companies and ISVs to quickly develop new R-Cloud modules for their SaaS services, shortening development cycles to days rather than years.
  • Tight Integration with Award-winning Data Protection Technology: SaaS companies and ISVs can couple their application intelligence with the discovery, orchestration, security, policy management, and reporting of HYCU.

Learn more about R-Cloud development platform

Backup & recovery for new as-a-Service apps & cloud services

HYCU customers can now backup and recover leading as-a-Service apps and cloud services via HYCU Protégé, including:

  • Salesforce, Amazon RDS, Google Workspace, Google CloudSQL, Google BigQuery, Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Confluence, Okta

New backup & recovery services feature:

  • One-click backup: Users can ‘set and forget’ backup policies that run 24/7
  • Granular recovery: Quickly recover granular elements across any SaaS application protected.
  • Security and confidence: All backup and recovery services are certified by HYCU, stored securely, and provide protection against ransomware.

Learn more about Backup & Recovery

HYCU R-Graph

Rapid Diagnosis via Graphical Visualization

Businesses get a comprehensive visualization of their entire data estate and protection status via auto-discovery and mapping of all applications and services - SaaS, PaaS, DBaaS, public, and private cloud. Organizations get a detailed and holistic view of their business-critical data and their protection status.

Learn more about HYCU R-Graph

HYCU Protégé Marketplace

Quickly and easily subscribe and access a growing library of purpose-built backup and recovery modules for SaaS, DBaaS, and PaaS applications.

Learn more about HYCU Protégé Marketplace