You Say You Want A Revolution...in SaaS Data Protection

SaaS Data Protection Platform: R-Cloud by HYCU

February 1, 2023

There comes a moment in the journey you are on with any company when you know you are about to change the way people think about what you are doing, forever. Today is that day.

Today we announced R-Cloud, the world’s first development platform for SaaS data protection.

Today, we are turning data protection on its head and democratizing data protection.

From a technology standpoint, it is the result of four year’s work with a dedicated team of more than 150 data protection engineering experts. It’s the culmination of a passionate team of HYCUers that fundamentally believe there is always a better way to manage, protect and recover mission critical data. It includes multiple patent pending innovations. And, feedback and collaboration from a number of customers, partners and our investors.

Before I share more on how we got to where we are today, the background and context are extremely important.

Twenty years ago, IT organizations managed and controlled all applications. The number of data silos was far fewer as well. If you want to visualize it, think of a six-sided die. Fast forward to today, with the rapid adoption of cloud infrastructure, a transformation of applications into next-gen cloud services, and the explosion of SaaS applications – IT has the challenging task of protecting all the business-critical applications. And, when you look at the SaaS application environment alone, the average midsize company in 2022 will use 220+ SaaS applications and will have more than 70% of its apps completely modernized in the next five years.  

“The vendor obviously protects my cloud applications and services.” NOT TRUE. It’s a common misperception and belief in IT. It's what is commonly referred to as the shared responsibility model. In short, this model lays out a clear delineation of who is responsible for what. Cloud and SaaS providers deliver infrastructure, compute and storage. The customer owns the data, including responsibility for backup and recovery. In the event of human error, corruption, or a ransomware attack – it’s on you, the customer, to protect and recover your data. Check any Terms of Service (TOS) agreement. If you have an issue and need data, files, applications back as soon as humanly possible, you will receive a legal form letter saying there's nothing the Cloud or SaaS vendor can do.

The options companies have are limited too. SaaS companies deliver compelling capabilities in their domain but do not have the expertise to provide secure, reliable backup and recovery. Traditional backup vendors, just take a look at any of the most notable industry market reports on enterprise backup and recovery software solutions and only a handful offer protection for any of the most widely used SaaS apps. Why is that? Because data protection companies typically only focus on building backup for applications with the largest target market or that has the largest Total Addressable Market (TAM). With the current approach, building coverage for the 17,000 SaaS apps available is nearly impossible - too time intensive, way too costly.  

This brings us to a dangerous moment in time, especially for SaaS customers: either slow down modernizing your organization by using SaaS-based apps or endure the risk of running apps that are not protected, are vulnerable to ransomware attacks, and/or are not in compliance with their typical data protection mantras for on-prem applications. When you factor in that more than 52% of successful ransomware attacks come through SaaS apps, you understand how significant a point in time we’re at now.  

Now to today, and the introduction of R-Cloud.  

For the first time ever, organizations will be able to see their entire data estate, to visualize what applications and data, are unprotected. For the first time ever, SaaS providers will have access to purpose-built, verified and certified, data protection integrations to ensure their apps are protected and able to recover. For the first time ever, through patent-pending innovations, we are making data protection services easy to access and use. I encourage you to check out R-Cloud.

For those who named us “The Beatles of Backup,” you were right.

For those who have been on the HYCU Journey with us from the beginning, “Thank You.”

For those of you who have been wondering why your data protection provider isn’t giving you what you need to protect your growing SaaS environment, I can only apologize that we didn’t start this revolution sooner.

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