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The world’s first data protection development platform

Rapidly release backup and recovery services for SaaS applications using a low-code platform.

How R-cloud protects SaaS applications.

SaaS users deserve backup and recovery. We believe every application should be protected.

Ransomware attacks on SaaS applications have a 52% success rate.

SaaS users suffer from deletions, corruptions, and outages.

IT organizations need visibility and insight into SaaS applications in use.

Backup and recovery of your SaaS application protected on HYCU Protégé.

HYCU R-Graph solution overview dashboard.
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Self-service with zero learning curve

Users and admins across an organization can protect and recover with ease.

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Granular recovery

One-click simplicity to perform granular recoveries of your SaaS application and its data.

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Simple, automated backup policies 

One-click creation of automated backup policies that run 24/7.

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See, manage, and protect all applications

Users can protect all SaaS applications — including yours — from one view.

HYCU for Developers in the press

“The SaaS backup problem has been a difficult one to crack due to the overwhelming number of unique SaaS applications, which only continues to grow...HYCU’s unique approach of crowdsourcing may be the best way to democratize SaaS backup. Allowing solution providers and ISV’s access to their API’s to develop the backup and recovery solution, then publishing a certified solution to their marketplace for other customers is an ingenious way to capture the most critical SaaS applications quickly.”
Vid Sista
Vice President, Digital Strategy, Alchemy Tech Group
“One of the key findings from our recent SaaS Data Protection Report was that solutions to protect and recover SaaS apps was a work in progress...While there are many solutions available, there are still too many challenges in what end users expect and what is available. What has been needed is a way to democratize the data protection, and recovery, in a compelling and new way. The introduction of R-Cloud can help in resolving what I see as the SaaS applications data protection disconnect.”
Christophe Bertrand
Practice Director, Data Management and Analytics, ESG Global
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Rapidly release backup and recovery services for SaaS applications using our low-code platform.