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Secure, automated protection for all your data environments.  

Today’s threat landscape requires you have a data protection service that you can trust with your critical data.

Automated, dependable protection policies designed for 24/7 protection, planning, and orchestration
Immutable, air-gapped backups for quick recovery from ransomware
Complete control, self-service, and identity management
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100% data sovereignty and privacy.

Protecting and managing your company’s data is crucial for achieving data security regulations and internal compliance. Your data is your most valuable asset, so it’s best to protect it with a secure backup solution. HYCU R-Cloud delivers a secure data protection service designed to give you full control, visibility, and recoverability of your critical applications.

Security-first architecture that meets STIG, NIAP, ISO 27001 and common security standards

Compliant with PCI, HIPAA, Sarbanes Oxley (SOX), and GDPR

Set and forget backup policies for your applications to offload management responsibilities and ensure you’re 1-click away from recovery

Ensure your backups are never encrypted or altered. Recover with confidence using WORM targets and air-gapped backups

Leverage native identity management with role-based access control (RBAC)

Alerting, custom reports, and detailed job logging of every data protection event

Self-service dev/test cross-project and cross-regional cloning - Users gain an extra layer of protection from cyberattacks, erroneous or malicious deletion, and system outages

Configurable service level agreements (SLAs) for applications within the same cluster - Ease of management and flexibility to provide policy-based SLAs for cloud-native workloads

The relief of knowing your data is protected and compliant.

Your backup and disaster recovery solutions are critical players when achieving compliance and cyber resilience. HYCU R-Cloud was architected to give you peace of mind, knowing your data is protected, easily recoverable, and compliant.

Maintain 100% data sovereignty

You own your data. HYCU does not store anything.

Avoid ransoms, fines, and headaches

Ensure that you can maintain IT and cyber resilience across all applications, no matter where they live. Protect, manage, and recover your on-premises, public cloud, and SaaS applications for always-on protection and compliance.

Decrease security and compliance risk

HYCU R-Cloud was natively built for multiple tenants and provides instant access management and native permissions to remove the risks associated with unauthorized access.

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