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Ransomware Protection

Quick, reliable ransomware protection…with a single click.

Peace-of-mind is knowing your data is recoverable and can’t be held ransom in the event of an attack.

Shockingly simple data recovery in minutes
Immutable, air-gapped backups
Purpose-built for each backup source
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Safeguard your business from the negative impacts of ransomware attacks.

Ensure that your data is recoverable in the event of an attack and avoid paying costly ransoms with HYCU R-Cloud secure, ransomware-proof backups and granular recovery objectives.

Secure backups - Air-gapped, immutable, and ransomware-proof
Granular recovery objectives so you can recover in minutes
Role-based access controls prevent unauthorized access to your backups
Self-service portal so application owners can quickly and easily backup and recover application data
Quick, consistent recovery with 100% application focus
100% SaaS – No agents, updates or maintenance required

Ransomware protection for those who aren’t down with downtime.

Reduce risk

You cannot eliminate the possibility of an attack but with HYCU R-Cloud's dependable, secure ransomware protection you can reduce the risk. Reduce the chance of experiencing the negative business impacts of a successful ransomware attack like the costs of paying a ransom, a tarnished reputation, or downtime.

Minimize data loss

HYCU R-Cloud ransomware-proof backups are air-gapped and immutable, so your backups cannot be encrypted and are safely isolated from your production environment. Your data will be available when you need it.

Maintain continuity

One of the biggest costs associated with effective ransomware attacks is the cost of downtime. HYCU R-Cloud provides granular recovery objectives that are customizable for each workload being protected and RTO assurance. HYCU will help ensure that you are able to minimize downtime and maintain business continuity in the event of an attack.

R-Score™ is your score for
peace of mind. 

Most organizations have strong ransomware prevention and detection capabilities but aren’t ready to recover from an attack. Put your organization’s ransomware resiliency to the test and discover your R-Score today.

Unlock insights into the strengths and weaknesses of your organization’s ransomware preparedness.

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If you’ve got room to improve, fear not—with HYCU, immutable, air-gapped backups ensure that you’re always prepared, secure, and ready to bounce back in minutes, not days or weeks. 

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