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Secure, reliable Data Protection as a Service for Microsoft 365

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Protect your mission-critical M365 data the HYCU way.

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Gain peace of mind knowing your M365 data will be recoverable when you need it.

Microsoft 365 continues to be one of the most targeted platforms for malware attacks. With all the sensitive data recorded within internal emails and documents, you cannot afford to leave this data unprotected. HYCU for M365 backup and recovery provides reliable data protection for your mission-critical M365 data to keep your business on track in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

Minimize downtime

Backing up your data won’t prevent an attack, but using HYCU  immutable, air-gapped backups will ensure that you are able to recover quickly and minimize downtime in the event of an attack.

Save time and remove complexity

Engineered with elegance to provide you with a simple, reliable way to protect your M365 environment, HYCU is true SaaS with zero agents. There is no ongoing management, maintenance, updates or lengthy sizing exercises to get started – you can focus on your core business and let us do the heavy lifting.

Decrease risk

HYCU for M365 provides 360° protection for your entire Microsoft Office environment, so you can decrease the risk of experiencing data loss, downtime, or the high costs that can result from data corruption, accidental or malicious deletion, malware, and ransomware attacks.

Maintain compliance

HYCU for Microsoft365 supports GDPR compliance and Legal holds, storing audit-ready backups that can be used in the event of litigation or to uncover the activity of bad actors within the company.

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Secure, reliable data protection for Microsoft 365

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Why choose HYCU to protect your M365 data?

  • Purpose-built for M365
  • Shockingly simple…really!
  • 100% SaaS with dynamic scaling
  • Agentless, application centric and impact-free
  • Automated application discovery
  • Industry-leading NPS >90
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Fully-featured SaaS, engineered with elegance to shield you from the complexities of effective M365 data protection.

  • Continuous email backup
  • Immutable, application-consistent backups
  • GDPR compliant solution
  • Advanced search across M365 applications
  • Fully-managed SaaS

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Try HYCU for Microsoft 365 for free.

Secure, reliable data protection for Microsoft 365.

  • Continuous email backup and advanced search across M365 applications
  • Application-centric discovery and protection
  • Agentless, impact-free backups
  • E-Discovery and compliance
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