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What is HYCU?

HYCU is the only backup and recovery software purpose-built for Nutanix.

Hyper-converged infrastructure is all about simplicity – HYCU protects without compromising that elegance.

How is HYCU different?

Other backup and recovery systems are essentially ‘one size fits all’, HYCU has been built from the ground up to complement
your Nutanix Enterprise Cloud.

Other backup systems often need to create additional, separate architectures independent of the hyper-converged infrastructure,
causing unnecessarily duplication and complication.

HYCU’s purpose built approach is the only which results in seamless, elegant integration – allowing you to work without distraction.

HYCU is powerful, intuitive and involves virtually no learning curve.

Technical specifications

  • Backup AHV/ESX VMs – hypervisor agnostic
  • Automated application discovery for fully transparent VMs
  • Single-click policy-based backup
  • Application specific recovery workflows

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens at the end of my free trial?

After your 45 days, your trial membership will finish. There is no cost. After your trial finishes you will be sent an email detailing how you can continue using HYCU for Nutanix.


We’re confident once you Try HYCU you’ll see why so many companies are using HYCU to backup and recover
their mission critical data.

Where can I learn more?

You can watch our product video here or schedule a chat with one of experts here.

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