With a ransomware attack happening every eleven seconds, companies need to go beyond prevention and detection. A ransomware-ready backup and recovery strategy can help you avoid paying pricey ransoms while minimizing costly business downtime and damage to your company’s reputation.

Traditional backup and DR solutions aren’t designed to safeguard your valuable data from ransomware attacks. Take the leverage away from cyber criminals with a solution that has the integrity to secure your backups against threats and the speed to ensure you’re never stuck paying a ransom to get your business back.

With HYCU as your ransomware recovery partner, you’ll make your backup and recovery strategy:

  • Lightning Fast: Recover your entire production environment with warm DR in minutes or hours—not days and weeks—through one-click simplicity.
  • Secure: Isolate your entire production environment and keep out threats with air-gapped backups.
  • Immutable: HYCU backups are your last line of defense thanks to a WORM (Write Once Read Many)-based immutable design that shields hypervisors, cloud platforms, NAS shares, and physical servers from ransomware threats.
  • Resilient: Get back to business with a DR solution that sees through VMs to ensure your data is fully application consistent and ready to go.


HYCU’s Founder, CEO on CNBC’s Squawk Alley