HYCU Protégé
Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery Done in One Click

Keep your business up and running with application-consistent backups and one-click restoration.

  • Immutable, air-gapped backups protect your data from human error and cyber threats
  • Restore apps and data quickly to any public or private cloud
  • Simplify multi-cloud SLO compliance with a single-pane view of your entire infrastructure
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HYCU Protégé
Disaster Recovery

Eliminate data loss and minimize downtime with data protection on your terms

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Agentless, Impact-Free Backups

HYCU utilizes native snapshots and impact-free backups to deliver full protection without the lag and performance of on-premises tools.

100% Data Privacy and Sovereignty

Dealing with vendors who store and control your data is a headache that often causes compliance and regulatory concerns. Your data is yours, and HYCU will never store or control your data.

Dynamic, Scalable, and 100% SaaS

HYCU Protégé automatically scales up and down based on your application needs and features pay as you go pricing so you can avoid infrastructure requirements and upfront payments.

1-click Simplicity

Create set-and-forget policies with full ransomware protection. Enable one click self-service recovery of your applications, VMs and files.

Instant Lift and Shift Migration

Migrate on-premises workloads quickly while maintaining application consistency – with just one click.

Eliminate Data Silo Sprawl

Protect, manage, and recover all your workloads – on-premises and in the cloud – from one single interface.

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