Why is Reporting on Resource Optimization for Nutanix Important?
SCOM MP for Nutanix   
Monitoring for Nutanix

Performance and costs are two of the most important aspects that we must take into account when developing solutions to meet business needs. Initial configurations have to be adjusted often and tuned to dynamic business requirements and user growth rates. Some applications may require more resources, while some resources are underutilized and can be used…

Why ‘How Many Backup Servers/VMs’ and ‘What are the Max Terabytes Needed’ are the Wrong Questions When Choosing a Backup Service for Google Cloud Platform
Backup and Recovery

Other backup and recovery solutions have taken their existing on-premises software and built the same big box up in the cloud and slapped a ‘virtual’ tag on it [aka ‘cloud washed’]. From our p…

Tom Bausemer
Tom Bausemer