New at HYCU: January 2024

New at HYCU: January 2024

January 18, 2024

New at HYCU: More control, cyber reliance, and efficient data protection.

Juggling skyrocketing cyber threats, soaring storage costs, and your ever-growing data estate – it's enough to make data protection feel like a chore. But fear not! HYCU's latest update brings a game-changer with a new offering to protect AWS public sector mission-critical workloads, powerful VM automation features, enhancements to NetApp ONTAP protection, and VMware VSAN and vVols storage cost savings - all combined with enhancements to our own UI for a smoother data protection experience.

US Public Sector: Increase your cyber resilience in AWS.

Recently, we've seen more of our federal government, SLED, and healthcare customers adopt AWS for improved scalability, agility, and cost savings. Unfortunately, the threat of public sector-targeted ransomware and malware attacks is also increasing. These rising data threats and the need to maintain 100% control of your sensitive data can be a tricky balancing act. With our latest update, HYCU now extends the same modern, simplified, and comprehensive data protection capabilities that our customers love to the public sector data in AWS. Whatever region in AWS where your public sector data is located, even in AWS GovCloud, you can maintain 100% control of your mission-critical data and gain peace of mind knowing that it is safe, secure, and recoverable when you need it the most – all while lowering your ransomware and malware attack surface with no agentless, plugins or proxies.  

Save more time with enhanced VM automation.

Protecting VMs should be easy. Especially when you need to protect hundreds or thousands of VMs in your data estate. Let HYCU handle the heavy lifting for you. Continuing our commitment to our customers to simplify data protection, we have now added more auto-assignment capabilities for VMs. This allows you to now assign VMs automatically to self-service groups based on categories, tags, or custom attributes. This is a huge time-saver in complex data protection environments, especially MSPs! No more manual configuration tasks so you can focus on more important IT tasks.

A screenshot of a computerDescription automatically generated
Auto-assignment for VM protection.

NetApp ONTAP protection: Increased security, control, and performance.

HYCU recognizes that NetApp ONTAP is still a popular choice for enterprise data storage for our customers, and we want to continue to provide the best-in-class data protection for their business-critical files. Our continued innovation provides increased control, flexibility, and security. You can now manage your individual SVMs as separate sources, giving you finer-grained control over your data protection strategy, allowing you to assign the protection of specific SVMs to meet different RTOs and RPOs. Proactively prevent data spillage by individually controlling access to each of your access zones through simplified RBAC permissions, ensuring only authorized users can see and manage their own data.  

Save on storage costs for VMware vSphere VMs residing on vSAN and vVols.

Say goodbye to increasing storage costs for your VMware environment! HYCU's latest update provides a powerful new way to save storage costs by archiving your vSphere VMs directly from vSAN and vVols . HYCU enables you to seamlessly perform a snapshot of your vSphere VMs and archive them for long-term retention with incremental forever technology (and dedupe as a positive side effect due to HYCU's unique block tracking), freeing up valuable space on your primary storage without interrupting operations, ultimately saving you storage costs. Unlock cost-efficient, space-saving archiving for your VMware environment today!

The HYCU UI: More efficiency for your daily data protection needs.

Storage target list utilization in HYCU's backup software
Storage target list utilization

Managing the protection of your entire data estate just got a whole lot easier. At HYCU, we understand that data protection is one of many areas your IT team is responsible for, and we're committed constantly to making it as easy as possible. Our UI improvements are now even more visually crisper, allowing you to easily see what you need at a quick glance, such as visually colored restore point tiers and status. Additional widgets have been added and improved to provide you with more critical information about your data estate, such as seeing all storage targets by utilization to track data storage growth, backup success rate of VMs and apps, and RTO compliance rate.  

VM protection and RTO compliance status
VM protection and RTO compliance status


Restore point tiers and status.
Restore point tiers and status.

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