Empower Your Data Security: HYCU and OwnData Expertise Unveiled
Backup as a Service
Backup as a Service

Empower Your Data Security: HYCU and OwnData Expertise Unveiled

April 4, 2024

In today's digital landscape, the protection of data is paramount for businesses striving to maintain their competitive edge and ensure operational continuity. As data environments become increasingly complex, organizations seek comprehensive solutions that not only safeguard their data but also offer scalability, flexibility, and future-proofing capabilities. In this blog post, we'll delve into the key differentiators between HYCU and OwnData, two prominent players in the data protection arena.

HYCU: Transforming Data Protection

  1. Built for Comprehensive Coverage: HYCU stands out for its commitment to covering the entire data estate, whether it resides on-premises,  on public cloud hyperscalers, or within DBaaS/PaaS/SaaS applications. This holistic approach ensures that businesses can protect all aspects of their digital footprint without having to rely on multiple providers.
  1. Unified Platform for Seamless Management: With HYCU, organizations benefit from a unified platform that delivers data protection across diverse and hybrid environments. By consolidating data protection efforts into a single solution, HYCU streamlines management, simplifies policy enforcement, and enhances user experience through a unified and consistent interface.
  1. Extensive Protection for Cloud Services and SaaS Applications: HYCU offers unparalleled protection for a wide array of cloud services and SaaS applications, surpassing competitors in terms of coverage breadth and depth. With support for over 65 data sources, including 25 SaaS applications and 25 public cloud services, HYCU ensures comprehensive data protection across  a diverse set of platforms and services.
  1. Built-in Discovery and Visualization: One of HYCU's standout features is its built-in data estate discovery and visualization capabilities. Through tools like R-Graph, users can gain valuable insights into their data landscape, identify security gaps, and ensure compliance with data protection policies, thereby enhancing proactive risk management.
  1. Scalable and Future-proof Platform: HYCU's scalable and extensible platform empowers organizations to future-proof their data protection strategies. By leveraging AI-powered, low-code development capabilities, HYCU enables quick and easy creation of new data protection modules that connect to new SaaS services, ensuring adaptability to evolving threats and technologies.
  1. Storage Independence – Keep control of your data: HYCU gives customers the ability to store all their backups in their storage, not in storage managed by the backup vendor. Customers can add their public cloud or S3 compatible storage targets and always ensure they have a safe, offsite copy of their data outside of the SaaS application they are protecting. This is true control.  

OwnData: Limitations of Traditional Approaches

  1. One-sided Coverage and Fragmented Solutions: OwnData's one-sided coverage primarily focuses on SaaS applications, leaving gaps in protection for on-premises infrastructure and other cloud services. This fragmented approach necessitates contracting with multiple providers, leading to complexity, inefficiency, and increased operational overhead.
  1. Limited Coverage and Lack of Futureproofing: OwnData's limited coverage extends to only four SaaS applications, with no protection for cloud services or on-premises infrastructure. Moreover, OwnData's lack of future-proofing capabilities inhibits scalability and agility, as organizations must build protection for each data source individually, hampering efforts to extend coverage at scale.
  1. Absence of Discovery and Visualization: Unlike HYCU, OwnData solely focuses on backup and recovery, lacking built-in discovery and visualization capabilities. This limitation prevents organizations from proactively identifying security risks, verifying compliance, and optimizing their data protection strategies.

Learn about HYCU's exceptional NPS score of 92, its visionary status in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Backup, a 4.8 rating on Gartner Peer Insights, and a 5-star review on G2.  

Conclusion: Choosing the Right Data Protection Partner
In conclusion, the choice between HYCU and OwnData boils down to selecting a data protection partner that aligns with your organization's goals, requirements, and vision for the future. While OwnData offers protection for some SaaS applications, HYCU sets itself apart with its comprehensive coverage, unified platform, extensive protection, built-in discovery and visualization, and scalable, future-proof architecture. By partnering with HYCU, organizations can not only safeguard their data but also empower their digital transformation journey with confidence and resilience.

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Author: Mark Nijmeijer, Sr. Director of Product, HYCU

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