Protecting Your Most Valuable Asset: Securing GitHub in the Cloud
Data Protection as a Service
Data Protection as a Service

Protecting Your Most Valuable Asset: Securing GitHub in the Cloud

February 1, 2024

GitHub has become the brain and backbone for many modern software teams, storing valuable intellectual property like code, libraries, dependencies, and more. However, as a SaaS application, the responsibility ultimately falls on you as the user to properly secure and back up this critical data.

Here are some key takeaways for protecting your GitHub environment:

  • Enable MFA and limit access permissions. Just as with any SaaS app, basic security hygiene is critical - enforce strong passwords, enable multi-factor authentication, limit, and monitor who has access to repositories.
  • Implement branch protection rules. Require pull requests and code reviews before mergers to avoid unintended changes.
  • Schedule frequent backups. Do not rely solely on GitHub for recovery - implement your own regular backup process to cloud storage you control. Test recovery workflows.
  • Store backups immutably. Leverage object locking, WORM, and immutable storage capabilities to protect backup copies from malicious encryption or deletion.
  • Granular restore is key. Look for backup tools that allow you to easily restore at a granular level - e.g. specific repos, files, or versions - to quickly recover from accidents.
  • Expand protection beyond code. Your GitHub instance likely interlinks with other SaaS apps and cloud services for CI/CD, infrastructure as code, production deployment, etc. Seek solutions that can backup and restore across your entire devops toolchain.
  • Meet compliance regulations. If your development lifecycle must adhere to regulations like NIS2, DORA or HIPAA, choose backup tools that allow you to comply with data residency, privacy, and retention policies.

The consequences of losing access to your GitHub repositories could range from minor annoyance to major business disruption. Treat GitHub as the mission-critical system it has become and implement robust data protection suited for the cloud age. With the right SaaS backup approach, you can confidently secure your code assets against both internal oopsies and external threats.

To learn more be sure to checkout our latest GitHub webinar where myself and my colleague, Mark Nijmeijer, share insights on how HYCU customers can safeguard their critical IP and configurations in GitHub.

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Author: Andy Fernandez, Director, Product Marketing, HYCU

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