The Ultimate Guide to Protecting and Securing Jira Service Management on Atlassian Cloud
Backup as a Service
Backup as a Service

The Ultimate Guide to Protecting and Securing Jira Service Management on Atlassian Cloud

March 14, 2024


In today's digital landscape, Jira Service Management stands as the cornerstone of IT Service Management (ITSM). Atlassian Cloud offers a robust platform for businesses to manage incidents, service requests, and IT assets efficiently. However, with the rise of cyber threats and data vulnerabilities, safeguarding critical business data on Jira Service Management becomes paramount. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the essential strategies and solutions to ensure the protection and security of your Jira Service Management on Atlassian Cloud.

Why Protecting Jira Service Management is Crucial

  1. Malicious Threats and Deletions
    The threat of targeted data deletions by malicious actors poses a significant risk to organizations of all sizes. Without adequate protection measures, businesses leave themselves vulnerable to data breaches and operational disruptions.
  1. Ransomware Attacks
    The surge in ransomware attacks globally underscores the importance of having secure backups to mitigate potential crises. With ransomware-proof backups, organizations can safeguard their critical data and maintain operational integrity.
  1. Accidental Deletions
    Data loss due to accidental deletions can occur unexpectedly, leading to service disruptions and loss of valuable information. Quick and flexible recovery processes are essential to ensure uninterrupted service delivery and peace of mind.
  1. Corruptions, Bugs, and Misconfigurations
    Data corruption and software bugs can wreak havoc on service management operations. A robust backup system allows organizations to revert to a clean state swiftly, minimizing downtime and ensuring business continuity.
  1. Compliance and Regulations
    Industries governed by strict standards or regulations require adherence to backup and recovery protocols to avoid severe penalties. Compliance with standards like NIS2 or DORA is imperative for maintaining data security and resilience.

Understanding Shared Responsibility in Atlassian Cloud

While Atlassian Cloud offers various benefits such as enhanced capabilities and interoperability, it's essential to recognize the shared responsibility model. While Atlassian manages system-level security and disaster recovery, you are responsible for protecting and recovering your data on Jira Service Management.

Your Responsibilities Include:

  1. Creating backups of Jira Service Management data.
  1. Recovering lost data in case of accidental deletions or data loss incidents.
  1. Storing backups securely to meet compliance and retention requirements.

The Challenge: Building or Buying a Backup Solution
Organizations face the dilemma of whether to build their own backup solution or invest in a reliable backup service. Let's explore the challenges associated with each approach.

  1. Challenges of Relying on Best-Effort Support for Recovery
    • Lengthy recovery times with unpredictable SLAs.
    • Instance recovery only, requiring manual effort to restore deleted data.
    • Limited contractual SLAs for data restoration from Atlassian support.
  1. Challenges of Scripting Your Own Backups
    • Lengthy recovery times and incomplete data capture.
    • Error-prone scripts requiring constant maintenance.
    • Time-consuming management across multiple Atlassian applications.

Introducing HYCU: Automated Backup and Rapid Restore Solutions

HYCU, an Atlassian Ventures company, offers a comprehensive backup and restore platform designed specifically for Atlassian Cloud. With HYCU's R-Cloud Platform, organizations can automate backup processes and ensure rapid recovery of critical IT assets and configurations.

Key Features of HYCU:

  • 1-click restore of JSM assets, configurations, and issues.
  • Automated backup policies with customizable frequency and retention periods.
  • Ransomware-proof backups stored in immutable, offsite storage.
  • Granular restore capabilities for projects, issues, and configurations.

Ensuring Data Security and Sovereignty with HYCU

HYCU prioritizes data security and sovereignty, allowing organizations to store backups and copies in their own controlled storage environment. With encryption at rest and in transit, HYCU ensures data integrity and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Benefits of HYCU Architecture:

  • Secure storage options including Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, and S3-Compatible Storage.
  • Automated discovery and protection of entire data estate, including ITSM, Enterprise IT, and cloud services.
  • Visualization of data estate for easy identification and protection of critical applications.


Protecting and securing Jira Service Management on Atlassian Cloud is essential for maintaining operational efficiency and data integrity. With HYCU's automated backup and rapid restore solutions, organizations can safeguard their critical IT assets and configurations while ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. Don't leave your data vulnerable—invest in a reliable backup solution like HYCU to mitigate risks and ensure business continuity.

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Author: Andy Fernandez, Director of Product Management, HYCU

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