Unlock Efficiency: The Power of Linking Atlassian Jira Tickets and Assets

Unlock Efficiency: The Power of Linking Atlassian Jira Tickets and Assets

March 20, 2024

Have you ever found yourself wandering through the parking structure at a new-to-you mall, clicking your key fob in hopes of hearing your car beep back at you? It's a modern-day quest many of us have faced, often res frustration and relief once we finally locate our vehicles. I admit, I normally park my car in the same area whenever I go to the mall, so I don’t have to actively remember the spot but that doesn’t always work. Especially when you have your hands full with last-minute holiday gifts.

The Shared Responsibility Parking Structure

If you’ve attended any of HYCU’s webinars recently, you’ve probably seen us use a picture of a parking structure, but for a slightly different reason. Imagine that parking structure as a SaaS provider’s service infrastructure, and your car as the data that’s stored in that service, or, parking structure. Generally, the SaaS provider is responsible for the structure itself, making sure it’s operating and in good maintenance. The car and its contents, however, are the responsibility of you – the owner of the car.

A parking garage with cars parked with Atlassian logo. A red sign that reads 'Not responsible for theft or damage to vehicles or contents.'

Taking that analogy one step further, you can imagine that each car parked within it represents an Asset in Jira Service Management; the parking space of the car is its designated ticket, marking its location and characteristics. Just like your car in a vast parking lot, digital assets can easily get "lost" if their connections to service tickets are not properly managed.  

The Link Between JSM Assets and Your Car

This scenario is not unlike the relationship between JSM Assets and their tickets. An Asset in JSM holds critical information, akin to your car's location and its contents. But what happens when a ticket is accidentally deleted, or, in this metaphor, you lose your memory of where you parked? The connection to your asset is severed, leaving you in a digital version of that sprawling parking lot, pressing the panic button in vain.

However, just as there's a solution for finding your lost car, there's a solution for reconnecting lost tickets to their respective assets in JSM. The key? A robust backup and recovery service that understands the importance of these connections and works diligently to restore them.

Restoring the Memory (Ticket) Should Restore the Connection to the Asset (Car)

Enter HYCU for Atlassian Jira Software and Jira Service Management (JSM). Just as you would use your key fob to trigger your car's alarm, making it easier to find, HYCU R-Cloud acts as the ultimate recovery tool for JSM. When a ticket (or in our metaphor, the memory of where you parked) is accidentally or maliciously deleted, HYCU R-Cloud steps in to restore that ticket, effectively guiding you back to your asset. It ensures that no matter what happens, the link between your JSM tickets and Assets remains intact, safeguarding against digital disorientation.

Imagine the relief of finding your car in the vast parking lot, presents safe and sound, ready to go home. HYCU R-Cloud offers that same relief in the digital realm, ensuring that every asset, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, is always accounted for and easily accessible.

HYCU of course does much more for JSM backups than just Assets, as we can do granular backups and restores for pretty much any JSM objects, down to the single Request, Attachment or Sub-Task.

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Just as you wouldn't want to spend hours searching for your car in a parking lot, you shouldn't have to struggle protecting your Atlassian data.

With HYCU R-Cloud, you won't have to. It's the peace of mind, the beacon in the parking lot, ensuring that every ticket, every asset, finds its way back home, no panic button necessary.

In today's fast-paced digital environment, losing track of an asset can be more than just an inconvenience; it can lead to significant operational delays, customer service issues, and lost revenue. That's why the link between JSM tickets and assets is not just a convenience—it's a necessity.

Don't let your assets get lost in the digital shuffle. Request a free demo request today to see HYCU’s power in action yourself, so you can keep your “digital parking lot” organized, efficient, and, most importantly, navigable. With HYCU, you're always just one click away from finding exactly what you need, exactly when you need it.

Finally, if you are attending Atlassian Team ’24, please visit us in our booth to meet the HYCU team for in-person demos and much more!

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Mark Nijmeijer is the Senior Director of Product Management for R-Cloud at HYCU, with over 20 years of experience in storage and virtualization management. Previously, he held senior roles at Nutanix and Citrix, where he led the development of data protection features and strategies, and has extensive expertise in business continuity, disaster recovery, and server virtualization technologies.

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