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Lightweight, secure data protection for NetApp ONTAP.

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Rapid recovery of your NetAPP data when you need it most!

Agentless and elegantly designed for one-click simplicity
Immutable, air-gapped backups to WORM-enabled public cloud object storage
Highly scalable to protect all your current and future NetApp ONTAP data

Protect your business against the negative impacts of data loss with comprehensive data protection for NetApp ONTAP

Data loss can be devastating to a business, especially with the modern threat of ransomware and malware. HYCU for NetApp ONTAP is purpose-built, enabling businesses to have a simple, secure, and scalable way to protect their most prized assets – their data.

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Secure from ransomware

Secure, immutable, WORM-enabled air-gapped backups ensure that you will be able to recover quickly and keep your business running in the event of a ransomware attack, disaster, or simple human error.

Maintain business continuity

Rapid recovery when you need it the most. Leverage NetApp snapshots to rapidly recover your business-critical data to lower disruptions and maintain business continuity. Granular recovery capabilities ensure faster and more precise recovery.

Simplify operations and save time

Legacy data protection solutions are complex and time-consuming to manage. With HYCU, you gain secure, reliable data protection without the burden of legacy tools – no agents to deploy or update, no maintenance, and no ongoing management. You can recoup time for your team and focus on your core business.

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Decrease total cost of ownership (TCO)

There are no agents, expensive storage, or hardware requirements – HYCU customers report saving up to 50% on infrastructure, additional hardware, and software licensing when compared to other vendors. And since HYCU is storage agnostic, you can repurpose existing infrastructure to easily store backups without purchasing additional storage capacity.

Comprehensive protection of NetApp ONTAP file share.

Lightweight, secure, and purpose-built.

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Take advantage of data protection without the performance lag, high cost and operational burden of legacy tools.

  • Purpose-built for each backup source and designed to be shockingly simple
  • Ongoing monitoring and backup validation to ensure recoverability of backups
  • Application-focused approach for application-consistent backups without errors
  • Industry-leading support available 24/7 with NPS > 90
  • Storage agnostic – No storage requirements or vendor lock-in
  • No agents to install or update
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Innovative, feature-rich data protection for NetApp that leaves legacy solutions in the dust.

  • Support for native REST APIs
  • Recovery from backups in minutes
  • Cost-effective DR with seamless failover to public cloud
  • Cross-platform data mobility & migration to ease cloud adoption challenges
  • Security-first architecture that meets STIG, NIAP, ISO 27001 and Common Criteria security standards
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Try HYCU for NetApp for free.

Simple, secure protection for your NetApp ONTAP data.

  • No agent or plugin requirements
  • Safeguard from threats such as ransomware or malicious deletion
  • Comprehensive protection of NetApp ONTAP file shares
  • Rapid recovery using integrated NetApp snapshots
  • Leverage change file tracking (CFT) to accelerate     incremental backups while lowering your backup footprint.

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