The Better Option to Enhance Nutanix Data Protection
Data Protection as a Service
Data Protection as a Service

The Better Option to Enhance Nutanix Data Protection

February 13, 2024

You’ve decided to move to Nutanix. We personally believe Nutanix is an excellent choice, it brings flexibility, scale, and a simple management experience. But this is a critical move, and it requires careful thinking, from your architecture to how you’re protecting your workloads running on Nutanix.  

Rethink your data protection strategy on Nutanix

A move to any platform provides a fresh start and an opportunity to re-evaluate your vendors, optimizing for performance and cost. With more options available than ever before, evaluating for the better option is always good. For example, if you're currently using Veeam to protect your workloads running on VMware, you may be tempted to expand your use to cover your new Nutanix infrastructure. It’s on the supported data protection vendors list, and must work the same way across platforms, no?

And why wouldn’t you want to stay with a solution you may be familiar with. Veaam is an excellent option, but to be clear, it’s an excellent solution built and designed for VMware, not Nutanix. Selecting the right data protection option can be critical to avoid downtime, data loss, and countless hours of management, maintenance, and unnecessary babysitting.  

As you evaluate any data protection solution, we recommend asking the vendor these questions:

  • Am I buying a tool? Or a platform?
  • Is the solution I’m evaluating purpose-built for Nutanix? Or does it require agents?
  • How much is it going to cost me initially? How much will the lifetime cost be?
  • How much time will I need to spend implementing and managing it?  
  • Will it also help me protect my other workloads? Hybrid-cloud? Cloud native? SaaS?

When it comes to Nutanix data protection. There is only one choice: HYCU.  

HYCU is purpose-built to protect all your workloads, across hypervisors and storage targets, giving you the choice to choose the workloads and infrastructure that best fits your needs.  

HYCU is a purpose-built solution for Nutanix designed to save money, time, and protect all your workloads, efficiently and with ease. Here are a couple of unique differentiators HYCU offers:

  • HYCU can help you easily migrate into Nutanix. HYCU provides the ability to seamlessly lift and shift VMware, physical server, and public cloud workloads to your new Nutanix platform in an application-consistent manner. This can be done self-service, allowing both on-demand and staged migrations to and from Nutanix.  
  • HYCU was built for Nutanix. HYCU is engineered from the ground up to leverage the native capabilities of Nutanix. The simple API-based integration means no backup agents to install or update. Backups happen at VM-level while retaining granularity for recovery. Not only is HYCU purpose-built for Nutanix, but it’s also used by Nutanix and has been for more than seven years.  
  • Deploy quickly with zero learning curve. HYCU can be up and running, backing up your Nutanix environment in under 15 minutes. The web-scale architecture and simplified licensing model of HYCU ensure you're ready to goquickly. In comparison, a solution like Veeam is complex often requiring more drawn-out deployment cycles measured in weeks. HYCU's speed means less disruption to your team.
  • Beyond Backup, include Disaster Recovery. Using HYCU, you can seamlessly integrate with Nutanix DR replication and backup replicated VM copies, supporting extremely efficient ROBO (remote office branch office) topologies. HYCU enables you to leverage Nutanix clusters for cross-platform DR. You can even leverage your existing public cloud infrastructure to failover and failback your Nutanix VMs in case of an incident.  
  • Lower your Total Cost of Ownership
    You can save up to 50% on infrastructure, hardware, and licensing costs due to HYCU’s minimal footprint and native integration into Nutanix. In comparison, a solution like Veeam's legacy architecture requires more hardware, drives up public cloud egress costs, and restrictive licensing inflates spend. HYCU saves you money long-term.
  • Better Customer Experience
    HYCU designed its platform for radically simple use. The consumer-grade UI provides easy visibility into protected workloads and recovery status. Self-service empowers admins. Legacy backup tools like Veeam are notorious for poor UX and complex workflows. HYCU offers the next-gen experience that IT teams deserve.

In summary, HYCU gives you an enterprise-grade data protection solution built for Nutanix. Make the switch to maximize the value of your new Nutanix investment - your future self will thank you!

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Author: Shiva Raja, Technical Solutions Architect, HYCU

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