Simple, secure, reliable backup & recovery for Okta

Losing Okta data can result in loss of access control, increased security risks, and compliance issues – all with significant financial implications. Safeguard this critical data with secure, automated backups and reliable, instant restore.


Don’t risk losing access to your business-critical applications – the stakes are too high not to protect your Okta data.

Okta is a cornerstone within the security strategy of some of the world’s leading organizations. Choose HYCU Protégé for Okta to make sure that data is safe and recoverable in the event of accidental deletion, corruption or worst case – a ransomware attack.

Maintain peace of mind with “set and forget” backups and instant recovery

Quick time to value with set up in minutes – seriously, just minutes!

Simplify your day-to-day with a single data protection service for Okta, cloud on-premises – PLUS additional SaaS

Complete peace of mind with automated protection of your Jira data


Don’t risk losing access to your business-critical applications – the stakes are too high not to protect your Okta data.

Secure, automated backups to protect your Okta data with ease

  • Policy-driven backups with defined RPO, RTO and retention goals
  • On-demand, single-click backups
  • Full backups at the Org level with the ability to exclude specific Okta entities

HYCU R-Graph, a network map of all your SaaS backup and protection status.

Recover with confidence in an instant with rapid, 1-click restores

  • Full recovery of your Okta instance at the org level or granular recover at the entity level
  • Quickly identify and restore specific entities with advanced search and restore capabilities
  • Instant, on-demand recovery with a single click

HYCU Protégé for SaaS applications backup and recovery live status dashboard with a graph of applications by team, backup policies, targets, and pie charts of recoverable items.

Simplify management with integrated data protection across your organization’s data estate

  • Easily see and manage your organization's data protection across public cloud, on-premises and SaaS - all with a single service!
  • Combat shadow IT with complete visibility into your data estate
  • Self-service from day 1 - Deliver role-based access controls and empower SaaS admins and users to protect and restore critical data when needed.

HYCU Protégé Backup for SaaS policy table with compliance, protection, and discovery status markers.

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Protégé User Interface

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  • Simple, secure backups – automated and on-demand
  • Reliable recovery in an instant at the org or entity level
  • Simple, integrated data protection management across your IT estate

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