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VMware Backup and Data Protection Solution

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Native and application-centric backup, disaster recovery, and migration

Agentless and impact-free data protection for VMware
Hybrid-cloud and multi-cloud enabled
Ransomware-proof backups

Simple, secure data protection optimized for private and hybrid cloud.

Eliminate downtime and data loss across your VMware environment with a modern, secure, and simple data protection solution.

Hassle-free backup and VM recovery

Use set-and-forget policies to offload management responsibilities and free your time, resources, and energy.

Cost-efficient disaster recovery

Save storage and cloud compute costs by failing over your VMware workloads to the public cloud only when necessary.

Risk-free, rapid migrations to the cloud

Gain operational efficiency by lifting and shifting workloads on-demand between VMware and public clouds with application consistency.

Reduce your TCO and CAPEX

Save on infrastructure resources for backup and DR by leveraging your existing infrastructure and a lightweight deployment optimized for cost.

Become cyber resilient

Secure your backups from ransomware and other cyber threats with immutable, air-gapped WORM-enabled object storage, architected for security.  

Gain peace of mind

Ensure recovery SLAs are met with fast and reliable recovery of entire VMs, applications, or granular-level files.

Simplify IT operations and data management.

Eliminate the burden and impact of agents or plug-ins using intelligent remote communication capabilities with application VMs.
1-click simplicity to perform backup, disaster recovery, and migration operations with simple, automated workflows.
Scale up, out, and across multiple data centers with ease by utilizing a highly flexible and distributed architecture.
Protect your VMware applications instantly using a simple, unified, and intuitive experience with zero learning curve.
Get started in minutes; no time-consuming deployments or professional services are needed.
HYCU displaying backup and ransomware protection parameters in account overview for VMware

Try HYCU for VMware for free.

Cost-efficient, high-performance backup and disaster recovery for VMware.

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Application-aware, purpose-built data protection for VMware.

Instantly discover all supported applications within your VMs with HYCU’s patented Application Awareness Technology.
Rapidly recover your applications, VMs, folders, and files from on-premises or public cloud targets.
Cost-efficient and high-performance incremental backups, copies, and incremental forever archives to Google Cloud Storage, Azure Blob, and AWS S3.
Multi-tenancy and a self-service portal to host multiple tenants, organizations, and users, delivering easy-to-use sandbox environments.
Enable your users to work effectively in test/dev virtual environments using fast-mount, cloning, and migration capabilities.

VMware Backup: FAQs

Define a VMware backup solution for SMBs

A VMware backup solution protects and backs up virtual machines (VMs) in VMware vSphere and ESXi environments, ensuring data safety and recoverability.

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How does HYCU serve as a VMware backup solution?

HYCU is an agentless backup solution that integrates with vCenter Server and ESXi hosts, offering efficient incremental backups enabled by Changed Block Tracking (CBT), granular recovery options, and application-consistent backups for SQL Server and Kubernetes.

What are the benefits of using HYCU for VM backup?

  • Comprehensive data protection for VMware workloads
  • Replication and offsite backup for disaster recovery scenarios
  • Seamless integration with on-premises and cloud storage (e.g., AWS, Azure, NAS)
  • Automation of backup jobs and scheduling for minimal downtime
  • Short recovery times and recovery point objectives (RPOs)
  • Archiving capabilities for long-term data retention

What is the recovery time objective (RTO) with HYCU?

HYCU aims for minimal recovery times, but the specific RTO depends on factors like VM size, storage, network conditions, and recovery method.

Does HYCU support Windows and Linux VMs?

Yes, HYCU supports both Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems in VMware VMs.

What is a datastore’s role in VMware?

A datastore is a storage container used to store virtual machine files, including virtual disks, templates, and ISO images. It provides a centralized storage location for VMs and allows for efficient management and allocation of storage resources within the VMware environment.

What is a hypervisor’s role in VMware?

A hypervisor is software or firmware that creates and manages virtual machines (VMs) on a physical server. It enables the virtualization of hardware resources, such as CPU, memory, and storage, allowing multiple operating systems and applications to run simultaneously on a single physical machine.

How does HYCU help support business continuity?

HYCU’s VMware backup promotes business continuity by providing a reliable and secure method to protect critical data and systems.

  1. Data Protection and Redundancy: A cloud backup solution ensures that important business data is securely stored off-site, often in multiple geographically diverse locations. This redundancy reduces the risk of data loss due to local disasters, hardware failures, or human errors.
  2. Rapid Data Recovery: In the event of data loss or system failure, a cloud backup solution enables businesses to quickly restore their data and systems to a previous state. This minimizes downtime and helps organizations resume their operations swiftly, minimizing the impact on productivity and customer service.
  3. Automation and Scheduled Backups: Cloud backup solutions often provide automated and scheduled backup capabilities, eliminating the need for manual intervention. This ensures that backups occur regularly and consistently, reducing the risk of data loss due to human oversight.
  4. Accessibility and Anytime Recovery: Cloud backup solutions enable businesses to access their backup data from anywhere with an internet connection. This flexibility allows organizations to restore data at any time, even outside of their primary business location, facilitating remote work and disaster recovery efforts.
  5. Security and Compliance: Cloud backup solutions often employ robust security measures, such as encryption and access controls, to protect the integrity and confidentiality of data. Compliance features ensure that businesses meet industry-specific regulatory requirements for data protection and retention.

Protégé User Interface

Try HYCU Protégé for VMware for free.

Cost-efficient, high-performance backup and disaster recovery for VMware.

  • Application-aware, agentless, and impact-free protection
  • Cost-effective backup and disaster recovery to the cloud
  • 1-click simplicity for all protection and recovery operations
  • Recover from ransomware using immutable, air-gapped backups

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