About HYCU

We Make it Easy to Thrive in a Multi-Cloud World

HYCU is a global leader in multi-cloud backup as a service. HYCU solutions are purpose-built for each of the cloud platforms a customer chooses and is designed to be simple, delivering a native experience with full application awareness.

HYCU stands for Hybrid Cloud Up Time.

We firmly believe that data protection should be a true native service of a cloud platform, as easy to use as iPhone Backup, focused on business applications and deliver an elastic service that scales with the customer as they need when they need. Our award-winning backup as a service (BaaS) solutions protect customers’ data equally well wherever it resides while offering a level of simplicity that allows anyone to turn on enterprise-ready data protection without extensive training or professional services.

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Strength in Numbers

Our sum is more than its parts
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We March to Our Customers’ Drumbeat

It's in our DNA
Born to Deliver Customer Delight

We strive to deliver solutions, support and service with one focus in mind – Customer Success.

Execute with Excellence

From our customer-informed roadmap to the way we design our products, no stone is left unturned. Quality is part-and-parcel of our delivery.

Empower the Players

We give our customers and partners the tools they need to succeed. Because the stronger they are, the better they will do.

Loyal to the Bone

Whether it’s the platforms we support, the partners we do business with, or customers we serve – we’re on the team for the duration.

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“I’m proud that we’re more than co-workers. We’re a team that believes in each other, wholeheartedly supports one another, and knows that we’re better together.”

- Simon Taylor, CEO

We’re like a family

HYCU is where we want to be.
We encourage conversations, not monologues. Because the smartest ideas happen when we all have and give a voice.
Despite being large, we’re a flat organization. Employees aren’t order-takers. They’re job owners who are empowered to do their best.

Social Responsibility

We're committed to giving back

Our Whereabouts


HYCU, Inc.
27-43 Wormwood St Suite #650, Boston, MA 02210

Phone: +1 617 681 9100

Email: info@hycu.com


Chicago, IL
Washington, D.C.
Sydney, Australia
Paris, France
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Maribor, Slovenia
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