F5 BIG-IP Management Pack 3.0 released

December 2, 2016

We are happy to announce the latest version of HYCU SCOM Managment Pack for F5 BIG-IP.

It has an improved high availability monitoring, SSL certificates monitoring, support for version 12.1.1, support for SCOM 2016, as well as a handful of useful improvements in LTM and ASM monitoring.

Improved LTM High availability monitoring

With this version, we are monitoring your failover setup (availability of devices, synchronization …) to ensure smooth transitioning, if failover happens. With an improved LTM high availability monitoring, it’s easier than ever to find out which device is active for specific virtual server and to monitor performance of high availability setup over time, no matter how many failovers occur.

SSL certificates monitoring

We are protecting you from issues with expired certificates use by providing two levels of alerting (warning and critical) for both proactive and reactive actions. From LTM diagram view and dashboards, it’s easy to identify which certificate is used and for what.

Reorganized packaging

F5 BIG-IP Management Pack is split in four management packs: Hardware monitoring, LTM monitoring, ASM monitoring and ASM reports management packs. This brings new level of flexibility to monitoring different configurations (i.e. monitoring only LTM does not require ASM components to be installed). All packs are included in download package.

Improvements in LTM and ASM monitoring

This latest release is bringing filtering objects (Virtual servers, Pools or Pool members) from monitoring to eliminate alerting, related to test and another elements, customer is not interested in. It’s possible to choose F5 monitor states which will create alerts in our management pack. Alert will be generated when ASM signatures have not been updated.

Of course, our download page has been updated with 3.0.3766 as well. The release notes, which are part of download package, include a few more details on improvements. Depending on your current version, you can find the correct upgrade procedure in user manual chapter 9.2: Upgrade procedure.

If you are not using our product yet start free evaluation (full support included) to see how good it is!

Do you want to talk about your F5 ecosystem monitoring needs or more information on the above topics? Contact me at milan.bundalo@comtrade.com

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