College Bound Dorchester

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College Bound uses education as a force of community change, serving nearly 1,000 students each year.
College Bound’s uniquely effective approach focuses on young people who are deemed too difficult to engage. Those the rest of the world walks away from, are the ones College Board goes toward. The organization’s emphasis on disrupting the status quo, which is also a common theme for successful technology companies, inspired HYCU to partner with College Bound, and our CEO Simon Taylor to become an active member of its board. HYCU works side-by-side with College Bound in its fight to end urban poverty by helping students-at-risk overcome the barriers on their path to and through college. This partnership not only fulfills our desire to give back to society, it also enables us to build a meaningful bridge to the Boston-area community that is so important to our success.

“We believe in the brilliance of the young people and families we target – those who have failed and dropped out of other programs, are gang involved, have a violent conviction or lack the right attitude or motivation. We have an unwavering belief that, regardless of their situation or zip code, they have the ability and potential to succeed.”

CEO, College Bound Dorchester

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Citrix Corporate Citizenship Award

The tie between work and well-being is at the core of Citrix’s Simply Serve initiatives.
The company helps families in need enjoy stable, satisfying and rewarding lives by focusing on three major areas: education, environmental stewardship and technology advancement.   HYCU was honored with Citrix’s Corporate Citizen Award for our contribution to Simply Serve. Through a variety of cool activities, we helped middle and high school students develop reasoning, teamwork and creative skills in support of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education.