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Leading Australian Hosting Provider Delivers Superior Data Protection on Nutanix with HYCU

HYCU for Nutanix
Leading Australian Hosting Provider Delivers Superior Data Protection on Nutanix with HYCU

Business Challenge

Intuit Technologies was using a traditional three-tier architecture structure maintaining separate compute, storage and network.

This structure required technicians to spend a large amount of time maintaining data center hardware and software.

A cornerstone of Intuit Technologies’ business is to ensure that customer expectations and requirements are being met and customers are actively provided with the best value possible. They pride themselves on delivering hosted IT solutions that give customers a competitive advantage.

“We make sure our solutions are highly responsive, agile and scalable so customers can be confident running their businesses on them.” said Ben Sharp, Intuit Technologies’ Infrastructure Manager and Solutions Architect.



After evaluating other solutions in the marketplace, Intuit Technologies concluded that they wanted a solution that didn’t require a complex installation and deployment. Nutanix Enterprise Cloud was able to provide a hyper-converged platform that consolidated storage, server, virtualization and networking resources in an easy to manage construct.

“We wanted to free our technicians so that instead of spending so much time maintaining data center hardware and software, they could focus on delivering an excellent customer experience,” Sharp said.

Following a smooth implementation of Nutanix Enterprise Cloud, Intuit Technologies turned their attention to backup and recovery; leveraging Nutanix’s own hypervisor, AHV. “Data protection is our insurance policy for customers,” Sharp said. “Without it, our customers’ businesses would grind to a halt, and our business would be vulnerable. We needed a solution that was simple and as powerful as Nutanix that worked seamlessly with the Nutanix hypervisor, AHV.”

HYCU is the only purpose-built backup and recovery software for Nutanix Enterprise Cloud. Not only does it preserve Nutanix’s simplicity with native integration and a hypervisor-agnostic architecture that includes AHV, you can learn it in less than four minutes, deploy in less than three, recover in two and backup in one.

“HYCU follows the Prism User Interface so it’s intuitive to use. We did a proof of concept and fell in love with HYCU’s simplicity, efficiency and elegance. Its licensing is much more attractive than competitors from cost, ROI and management standpoints,” Sharp explained.

Intuit Technologies currently uses HYCU with Nutanix Enterprise Cloud, which includes eight nodes and 500 VMs—both of which they expect to double by early 2018.



Superior RPO/RTO

The combination of HYCU, Nutanix Enterprise Cloud and AHV enables Intuit Technologies to offer Recovery Point Objective (RPO) / Recovery Time Objective (RTO) in minutes, model that’s scalable and easy to deliver. According to Sharp, “Backup windows have decreased significantly with HYCU compared to our previous backup software and recovery times on failed VMs are significantly faster.”

Accelerated Support

Before HYCU, Intuit Technologies’ customers at times had to wait for an Enterprise Engineer for assistance with a backup and recovery request. That’s no longer the case. “We’ve been able to move our backup and recovery to the Service Desk team since the tasks have been simplified with the implementation of HYCU. This significantly speeds our response time and lets our support technicians focus on other mission critical areas of the business.”

Reduced Operations Overhead

It’s not just about optimizing resources, Intuit Technologies is saving money since moving to HYCU. Not only did they reduce the virtual tax by moving to Nutanix AHV but HYCU’s simpler licensing model was able to help them manage both licensing and data protection with minimal administration.

Increased Transparency

Using standard API interfaces with HYCU, Intuit Technologies integrated HYCU into a new customer web portal that front-ends their hosted services. “The portal opens the cockpit to our customers giving them tremendous visibility and transparency into what we’re doing for them, including backups. It gives them a lot of confidence in our services,” said Sharp.

Happy, Empowered Customers

By making HYCU part of its web portal and allowing customers to manage their own backup and restores, Intuit Technologies puts the steering wheel back in the customers’ hands. This takes pressure off Intuit Technologies’ technical services team so they can focus on delivering customer excellence. One measure of success was to exceed a 90 CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) score rating. Since deploying Nutanix and HYCU we have easily accomplished that!


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About the customer

Intuit Technologies is a leading Australian ICT service provider. With five offices throughout
Australia, they offer a wide range of services to a diverse array of industries.


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