Real Data Center Modernization
Requires Best-of-breed IT

If You Want Truly Modern Production and Protection, You Need
the Best Components Purposefully Put Together

Industry analyst firm, ESG, explores how Nutanix and HYCU are working together to deliver modern production and protection

The answer may be closer than you think. According to ESG's annual IT spending research, the two most common areas of investment for data center modernization involve increasing the use of server virtualization and improving backup and recovery.

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  • Why is HCI best approach now and for the foreseeable future?
  • What are the top 5 must have HCI infrastructure technology features?
  • What VM-specific capabilities are primary factors for choosing a new data proteciton solution?
  • What do IT managers believe IT will look like in five years?
  • Why are Nutanix and HYCU better together to deliver better IT?

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Truly achieving the levels of IT agility and durability that today's end-users expect requires more than generic, commoditized approaches to production and protection.