Application Aware,
Intelligent Backup and Recovery for VMware

Ready-to-roll intelligent application data protection,
raises the simplicity bar & provides data mobility

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Choosing and making the right choice for Application Aware, Intelligent backup and recovery for your VMware clusters has never been simpler.

Improve on the Promise

The only Application Aware, light weight data protection solution for VMware. Not only does it
preserve your simplicity with intuitive UI, but it is the only software that automates the SLOs for safe delivery of the promise to the business.

Make Business Sense

HYCU takes the risk out of VMware backup and recovery, and puts your business in a position of strength.

HYCU’s has a light weight footprint and simplified infrastructure that deploys right on your VMware cluster. In addition, it doesn’t require any additional hardware or software licenses, so you get a full package and get to maximize your investment in your infrastructure. This is not just for your base backup and recovery software, but also for your core reporting.
Your IT team and application owners get more done, easier, faster and better. So business users aren’t interrupted by incomplete recoveries – keeping productivity high. In addition, your entire operational upkeep of HYCU is dramatically simplified via 3 min deployment and 5 minute hassle free upgrades.
Creating, applying, enforcing and delivering service level objectives has never been easier. Do it with confidence.

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