The Hive Ransomware Group Underscores the Need for the HYCU HYve Community
Ransomware Protection
Ransomware Protection

The Hive Ransomware Group Underscores the Need for the HYCU HYve Community

February 9, 2023

As the fastest-growing leader in multi-cloud Data Protection as a Service industry and an enforcer of ransomware protection, we want to take a moment to make it clear that the HYCU HYve, our forthcoming community, is in no way connected to the Hive Ransomware Group, which was recently infiltrated and disrupted by the FBI. The homophonic names are a coincidence, but let’s take the opportunity to talk about why the bad Hive shows the need for a good HYve.

The Bad Hive: A Story of Ransomware on the Rise

Earlier this year, the DOJ announced that FBI agents successfully interrupted the notorious ransomware group known as Hive and prevented $130 million worth of ransom campaigns that targets no longer need to consider paying. The Hive group claimed responsibility for targeting over 1,500 victims in over 80 countries globally. By working with both German and Netherlands officials, the DOJ revealed that it infiltrated the group's network and had shut down the Hive servers and websites. As Attorney General Lisa Monaco stated “We turned the tables on Hive and busted their business model. Simply put, using lawful means, we hacked the hackers.” Considered a top-five ransomware threat by the FBI, Hive has received over $100 million in ransom payments from its victims since June 2021. Hive is the biggest ransomware group the feds have taken down since REvil in 2021.

The threat of ransomware and the cybercriminal groups like Hive won’t be solved with one bust. It will take a lot of work across your organization and in partnership with cybersecurity and data protection solutions to minimize the risk. And that’s driving us here at HYCU to constantly improve and be part of the solution to this constantly evolving threat.

The Good HYve: Building a Culture of Ransomware Protection

At HYCU, we see the world in a fundamentally different way from most data protection companies. Piggybacking off our vision of “building a safer world”, we are 100% customer-centric, and our products/solutions are designed for the people behind the data. Our customers are our lifeline, and our success is contingent on their success. What better way to celebrate our customers than with a community designed just for them? Welcome to “The HYve”, the forthcoming online community created exclusively for you – our most valued customers. This is your platform, to establish yourself as an industry thought leader, connect with other forward-thinking individuals and deepen your engagement with HYCU all the while celebrating your success and getting rewarded. Ransomware gangs like Hive and others are the reason why we created resources like the HYve.

In the fall of 2022, we launched “The New HYCU”, a new brand including new positioning, a new logo, a new tagline, and a cleaner, more consistent creative system to better represent the elegance and simplicity of the HYCU platform. Simply put, we wanted to raise the HYCU profile and create an “iconic brand”. We believe that the brand is the responsibility of all HYCUers to embody and live by its core mission of “building a safer world.”  

And, with any good branding strategy comes the opportunity to establish a new voice, create an identity and convey your value proposition to the market. It can also cause you and your team to think associatively and come up with great ideas. Some of those ideas are designed with naming syntaxes that coincide with your new brand and the teams/roles that implement them.  

For example, the name of this blog is “The HYpe”.

Our customer and partner newsletters are called “HYCU HYlights”

Our new customer community platform (launching soon) is called “The HYve”.  

You can see where I am going with this. A brand play as part of our strategy is to include the “HY” in our marketing communication/content tools, because we are infusing our mission of building a safer world into everything we create.  

The FBI did its job by shutting down the Hive. HYCU is doing its part by creating The HYve. So, while they’re similar sounding, they are polar opposites. And, by joining the HYve Community when it launches, you can be part of the solution, too.

How HYCU R-Cloud Can Help You Protect Against Ransomware like Hive

HYCU R-Cloud is our flagship DPaaS development platform that is elegantly engineered to provide simple ransomware protection that is designed to safeguard more of your data and applications from cyber criminals, because it’s not a matter of “if” your company will be attacked, but “when” it will be attacked.  

By ensuring that your data is recoverable in the event of an attack, HYCU R-Cloud's secure, ransomware-proof backups and granular recovery objectives reduce the risks of negative impacts such as paying out millions of dollars in ransoms, tarnished reputations, and operational downtime.  

The success of your ransomware preparedness plan holds the key to strong ransomware prevention and detection capabilities. Here are just a few components to consider:

  • Secure backups – Air-gapped, immutable, and ransomware-proof.
  • Granular recovery objectives so you can recover in minutes (not hours or days).
  • Role-based access controls prevent unauthorized access to your backups.
  • Self-service portal so application owners can quickly and easily back up and recover application data.
  • Quick, consistent recovery with 100% application focus.
  • 100% SaaS – No agents, updates, or maintenance required.  
  • Unlock insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your organization’s ransomware preparedness. Periodically access your readiness with tools such as R-Score

But don’t just take our word for it. Our customers have spoken. Read what they have to say about the benefits of using HYCU:

HYCU Offers Simple Restore Point from Ransomware Attack!

An Anatomy of Responding to and Surviving a Ransomware Attack

Be sure to stay tuned to see what all the “buzz” is about with the HYCU HYve launching soon!

In the meantime, get started with HYCU R-Cloud for FREE and learn how easy it is to recover from ransomware attacks.  

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