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September 26, 2022

In 2021, my dad’s financial accounts were held ransom by a malicious data thief who was able to steal $98,000 from my father’s retirement. Fortunately, his financial institution had invested in keeping their customers safe by protecting their accounts, and they were able to recover every dollar of his retirement (plus $0.49 in interest). Witnessing that potential devastation to my dad’s hard-earned retirement inspired me to learn more about data protection.

As I saw the increased frequency and devastation of ransomware attacks, I began to appreciate the need for a better way to protect our data. Then I met Simon Taylor, the CEO and Founder of HYCU, and I learned about all that HYCU was doing to solve that customer need. HYCU was doing it differently, meeting customers where they were in their data management journey and allowing them to manage and control their data wherever it lived. And the customers loved it (as shown by HYCU’s industry-leading 91 NPS)!

However, the brand wasn’t doing that story any justice. As Simon and I had discussed, there was a clear opportunity to raise the HYCU profile, align to the experience that created so much customer delight, and create an iconic brand. I believe that in the absence of product knowledge or understanding, brands are often a surrogate for quality. The more conversations I had with other HYCU leaders in addition to Simon, I knew I wanted to be a part of redefining the HYCU brand to showcase its clear differentiation and superiority and then shout it from the roof tops. That was the major reason why I joined HYCU as the Chief Marketing Officer in early 2022.

Today, nine months after joining HYCU, I am thrilled to announce the launch of the new HYCU brand, including new positioning, a new logo, a new tagline, and a cleaner, more consistent creative system to better represent the elegance and simplicity of the HYCU platform. Although framed as a marketing launch, this labor of love was a cross-functional collaboration, because we believe that the brand is the responsibility of all HYCUers to embody, elevate, and protect every single day.

In addition,
- We believe that every business has the right to feel and actually be safe.
- We believe that no business should have to relinquish control of their data.
- We believe that protecting your business should feel like a sigh of relief, not another headache.
- And we believe in starting with “Yes” –
- Yes to keeping your business up and running.
- Yes to protecting your data no matter where it is.
- And yes to helping your organization thrive.

If you believe conventional wisdom, the only way to keep your data safe is to relinquish control, trusting the ‘experts’ with your most valuable assets. While this might seem like an easy, risk-free path to safety, your data isn’t the only thing that you risk in this antiquated model. You’re also locking in your teams’ time, your dollars, and your ability to make the best choices for your business as needs shift.

At HYCU, we see the world in a fundamentally different way. We believe that you deserve both flexibility and safety. We believe that you shouldn’t be locked into contracts that favor the vendor over your needs. And, most importantly, we believe that no one understands your business like you do and, therefore, you should be in control of your data.

At HYCU, we make it simple for you to move your data freely, easily, and safely without the burden of managing and scaling backup infrastructure. So, say goodbye to the rigid offerings of the past and hello to a new platform agnostic, hybrid and multi-cloud solution that allows you to enjoy data resiliency without constraint.

Welcome to the new HYCU. Data anywhere, protected everywhere.

Learn more about #TeamPurple or experience HYCU for yourself with a free trial.

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Simon Taylor is the founder and CEO of HYCU. A serial entrepreneur, prior to HYCU, Simon led Comtrade Software, an infrastructure monitoring business, sold to Citrix. Having raised more than $140M at HYCU, Simon has more than 20 years' experience in go-to-market strategy development, product marketing and channel sales management for high-growth, tech companies. An Instituto de Empresa (Madrid) MBA graduate, he has worked with leading companies such as Comtrade Group, Forrester Research, Putnam Investments and Omgeo.

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