Why HYCU is The Next-Gen Backup for HCI

Alternate approaches to backup and recovery software integration into an HCI environment can lead an organization to go from consolidating and simplifying IT onto a single platform to creating three to four independently-managed hardware and software data protection silos.

Since the launch of HYCU, the only purpose-built data protection for Nutanix, Nutanix customers and partners have praised HYCU’s Prism-like user interface, ease of use, and functionality. The beauty of HYCU is its direct integration into Nutanix environments. Being tightly integrated helps to eliminate redundancy while maintaining simplicity and improving the overall goal of the data protection capabilities.

This eBook shines a light on the main features and benefits of HYCU and explains why when looking for the right backup and recovery software solution for your Nutanix Enterprise Cloud environment, HYCU is the right choice.

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“This is transformational! I love the simplicity and elegance!” Common reaction from customers to HYCU for Nutanix