Did You Know: App-centric Data Protection

Did You Know: App-centric Data Protection

Did you know that HYCU is the only app-centric tool for virtual/hyperconverged environments?

If you ask the business who is the first-class citizen in modern virtual IT, they will tell you it’s the business application. If you ask the traditional IT infrastructure admin who the first-class citizen is in reality, they will say it’s the VM. HYCU bridges the gap between the business and day-to-day IT operations by providing an industry first app-centric data protection approach for the virtual/hyper-converged environments.

What app-centric actually means

Instead of taking the route of a VM centric approach to data protection, where IT personnel works with black box VMs with cryptic names, HYCU turned things upside-down (or at least how we think it should be).

HYCU has a unique approach of first discovering the applications that reside within the cloud (or virtual environment). After applications are discovered then the user is able to apply the right backup policy per business application, rather than per VM. This approach ensures the right application consistency methods are utilized so that each user is sure his copy of the business data is valid.


App-centric Data Protection

Applications View


As all of the operations are performed through the application’s perspective, application-aware and specific restore is also available – simplifying and automating the complex application level recovery tasks.

How do you protect your apps in hyperconverged and virtual environments? How do you know which application resides in which VM? How many manual steps do you need to do to recover your app?

If you are looking for answers to these questions, then you should check out HYCU!

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