HYCU Introduces HYCU-X for 1-Click Purpose-built, Data Protection as a Service to Eliminate Backup Infrastructure Silos
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HYCU Introduces HYCU-X for 1-Click Purpose-built, Data Protection as a Service to Eliminate Backup Infrastructure Silos

Latest HYCU for Nutanix Offering Adds Support for SAP HANA and Volume Groups

BOSTON, December 18, 2018 –HYCU, Inc., a pioneering enterprise software company specializing in data backup, recovery and monitoring for next-generation Enterprise Clouds, today announced HYCU-X, the latest innovation for Nutanix customers that want to expand the use of Nutanix AOS for a complete hyper-converged backup and recovery solution. Available on the Nutanix Calm marketplace, HYCU-X provides 1-click auto-deployment of purpose-built, Data Protection as a Service onto Nutanix, and auto-configures Nutanix Volumes and Files for Backup, Archive and long-term retention in one single solution. Nutanix customers are now able to leverage their extra capacity and dedicated secondary storage also for test and development purposes.

“Nutanix customers are on a journey to eliminate unnecessary silos and have been wanting to eliminate dedicated backup infrastructure as part of that,” said Subbiah Sundaram, VP Products. “Customers have been asking us for ways to leverage the Nutanix platform also for their broader data protection needs.  With HYCU-X, we are not-only adding purpose-built, Data Protection as a Service for the Nutanix platform, but also are adding the ability to auto configure and to integrate with the Nutanix platform running Blocks and Files as a backup target. In addition, customers can do all this right from Prism Central, their single management pane of glass.”

In related news, we also announced availability of HYCU Data Protection for Nutanix v3.5. With the latest introduction, HYCU for Nutanix delivers the following benefits and capabilities:

  • Impact-free SAP HANA Backup: The first solution to have an efficient snapshot-based backup for SAP HANA in a Nutanix environment. HYCU auto discovers SAP HANA, doesn’t require any special configuration by the user, is agent-less and provides impact-free backup leveraging by Nutanix Storage level snapshots. In addition, customers can also get clones of their SAP HANA environments with a click of a button.
  • Snapshot-based Volume Groups Backup: The first solution to deliver impact-free, snapshot-based backup of Nutanix Volume Groups, this is critical for performance sensitive and highly availability applications.
  • Integrated custom reporting: The first enterprise backup software to provide integrated custom reporting as part of the solution. Nutanix customers do not have to switch any management interface and there is no additional infrastructure required to do the reporting.
  • Microsoft SQL Server Enhancements: The first solution to add impact-free backup support for Microsoft SQL Failover Cluster in a Nutanix environment without the need for any agents. In addition, customers can now leverage the simplicity of HYCU even for SQL Servers with multiple instances in them.


“Enterprises today continue to look for ways to optimize their infrastructure investments while eliminating unnecessary redundancy or complexity,” said George Crump, Founder and Lead Analyst at Storage Switzerland. “Given IT’s workload, they are looking for solutions that can take care of mundane tasks with 1-click simplicity. HYCU is continuing to deliver solutions that meet that need. New offerings like HYCU-X and the latest enhancements to HYCU Data Protection for Nutanix, continue to make HYCU an attractive solution for Nutanix customers looking to expand their use of Nutanix for additional workloads while keeping to the overall premise of 1-click simplicity.”

A webinar discussing HYCU Data Protection v3.5 will be held, Tuesday, December 18 at 10:00 am ET and 4:00 pm CET. Paul Nashawaty, HYCU Chief Evangelist and Global Product Marketing Leader will be sharing the latest. Registration and details are available at A replay will be made available following the webinar.



HYCU-X is now available directly from the Nutanix Calm Marketplace for users of Nutanix AOS 5.10 running on any Nutanix reference architectures with extra capacity or dedicated NX, HX, XC series or other certified platforms. HYCU Data Protection for Nutanix v3.5 is now available for purchase worldwide through our partners.


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