Multi-cloud application-level
protection for Kubernetes

Purpose-built and application aware protection for containers
managed by Kubernetes across a multi-cloud environment

A Multi-cloud Solution

Seamless protection of containers managed by Kubernetes in an application consistent manner with granular recovery across all platforms!

For DevOps and Backup teams, HYCU Protégé Suite is the only elastically scalable, Backup as a Service offering that delivers Unified, Impact-free, 1-click approach to protect all data sources with a comprehensive and consistent level of recovery regardless of data sources that leaves no application unprotected.

Your application data when you need it.

Recover your apps, when you need it, without the worry about managing backups.

Why HYCU for Kubernetes?

  • 1-click recovery for your YAML files
  • 0-Stress backup that assures no application goes unprotected
  • Application Aware, 100% compliance to data protection SLAs
  • Flexible and granular recovery to meet handle any kind of data loss situation
  • Compute free Cross-Region DR readiness
  • 1-click, Impact free creation of near-production copies for Test & Dev
  • 24x7 proactively monitoring backup service

Data Protection as a Service for O365

Fully managed O365 protection as a service. No deployment or maintenance hassles! No sizing or management complexity!
Seamless and easy to Deploy!

- Zero maintenance, zero upgrades and zero deployment requirements with as a service model.
- No need for sizing and planning exercises with HYCU’s dynamic scaling architecture.
- Zero backup management with HYCU’s auto scheduling and backup target provisioning.
- Protect your emails, SharePoint, OneDrive, OneNote, Groups, Teams and much more!
- High-frequency data protection with constant journaling adhering to Microsoft best practices.
- Unlimited backup retention by default with customizable options for finite retention.
- Recover your emails, attachments, contacts, calendars, tasks. + migration to Exchange and Gmail.
- Granular and full recovery of OneDrive (files), SharePoint (sites), Groups and Teams.
- Advanced search and recover functionality for Email, OneDrive and SharePoint.
- eDiscovery at your fingertips - Detailed audit trail of email backups, searches, downloads, deletion and much more!
- Suspend email expiration on demand for situations like ad-hoc legal audit.
- Keep constant track of email correspondence and analytics between senders and recipients.

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