HYCU helps to radically simplify and optimize the backup infrastructure, while maintaining the same enterprise level readiness companies need and expect

Why It’s Time to Replace Your Legacy Backup Solution

November 13, 2020

One of the most common beliefs in IT is, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

While this statement makes sense in the short-term, it does lead to a future devoid of innovation. Also, if this statement were to be true in the long-term, we wouldn’t have organizations evolving their data centers from a traditional mainframe to open systems architecture in the 90s; from physical server to virtualized workloads in the 2000s; from standard three-tier architecture to Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI) in the past decade; from standard on-prem data centers to cloud ready and native applications today.

Traditional backup vendors are known to cleverly masquerade their legacy architecture as a solution evolved to protect next-gen platforms. However, the reality can’t be further from the truth. A decade-old clunky architecture filled with unnecessary moving parts like agents, plugins, data-movers, repository servers and reporting servers need an army of PhDs to take care and feed it. However, data-protection serves as an important cog in running a business and the risk of unrecoverable data loss is simply unacceptable. Which is why, jaded IT admins have a knee jerk reaction to the slightest thought of changing or upgrading this legacy software let alone replace it.

This is where HYCU comes into the picture.

HYCU helps you to radically simplify and optimize your backup infrastructure, while maintaining the same enterprise level readiness you need and expect.


Simple to Plan and Architect

HYCU’s architecture is a software-based virtual appliance which holds an extremely tiny footprint. The solution is truly flexible as it can offer a consolidated and a distributed architecture based on the datacenter needs. This can be extremely helpful in organizations with a constant moving goal post.


Quick to Deploy and Configure

Unlike a typical legacy backup solution, which needs a considerable amount of time to deploy agents, data movers, repository servers etc., HYCU is a simple v-app which can be deployed in minutes. With patented auto application discovery, setup of HYCU is so simple, that even a school kid can complete the entire configuration.


Agentless Across the Board

One of the many secret sauces of HYCU is it is truly, agentless across the board. Be it VM backups, application consistent backups or even physical server backups, HYCU is 100% agentless. This not only simplifies the overall setup, but also aids in compute-free, application-consistent and data-consistent backups and granular, point-in-time recovery.


Efficient Backup and Recovery

HYCU is known to utilize the underlying platform to the fullest for high-performance impact-free backups, for example – purpose-built integration with Nutanix AHV, ESX, Nutanix Files, Volume Groups, ROBO and more. HYCU’s recovery is known for its granular and rapid restores via deep platform integration such as using Nutanix snapshots and HYCU’s own proprietary code.


Policy-based Enforcement

Easily enforce organization SLAs through HYCU’s backup policies with guaranteed RPO and RTO assurance. HYCU’s compliance can ensure application and data consistent backups of all resources. HYCU’s policies can also automate policy assignment of newly discovered resources promoting a complete hands-off approach.


Cloud-native Solution

Gone are the days of using outdated agent/proxy-server based architecture to qualify production applications to be cloud ready. HYCU can perform seamless backups to Azure, Google Cloud and AWS with zero additional install on the cloud. In addition to auto-tiering capabilities on Azure and Google Cloud, HYCU can also failover backups as VMs on Azure and Google Cloud with zero agents and proxy servers.


Easy to Scale Up, Down, Out and Across

With HYCU’s lightweight architecture, the solution can easily expand and shrink based on the datacenter needs. With HYCU’s auto application discover, agentless backups and automated policy enforcement implementing datacenter changes into HYCU has never been easier. HYCU is meant to adapt with the datacenter growth or its consolidation anytime.


Secure Your Backups

HYCU’s in-transit encryption and network segmentation can provide siloed backup traffic. HYCU’s multi-tenancy and RBAC can secure restore points and resource inventory. HYCU’s in-built backup locks can prevent malicious deletion and also pause backup expiration for ad-hoc compliance audit. HYCU can also perform backups to WORM targets to combat against ransomware attacks.


Optimized All-in-One Architecture

HYCU is known to provide tons of ancillary features which makes it a complete data-protection solution. HYCU’s self-service capabilities can empower application owners or helpdesk users for operational efficiency. HYCU hosts a comprehensive inbuilt reporting infrastructure with event and alert management for a holistic backup monitoring, which is included as a standard feature.


Minimal Maintenance and Fast Upgrades

HYCU’s lightweight software-based solution, accompanied with its agentless architecture and lack of any additional management servers requires zero to minimalistic maintenance. Upgrading the solution has never been easier as HYCU provide simple, in-place upgrades with no manual steps or complex configuration gymnastics.


Painless Adoption

HYCU’s UI is extremely intuitive, simple, straight forward single pane of glass. It is designed for virtualization admins, meaning VMware or Nutanix users won’t be strangers in using this solution. This way, IT admins don’t have to waste weeks of training time to master the solution as they can instantaneously adopt the solution from day one.


High Quality of Customer Support

HYCU is well known for its outstanding, world-class customer support. HYCU’s technical support representatives are highly professional and treat every customer with empathy and care. This is exactly why HYCU’s net promoter score (NPS) is greater than 91, which is the highest of any backup vendor in the current market.


To experience the difference, you can tryhycu.com or reach out to us at info@hycu.com. Don’t just take our word for it, we offer free trials and would be happy to show you first hand how you can save money and optimize your current IT spend.

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