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April 17, 2018

For those who know me, you know that I am passionate about working with leading-edge data protection and technology solutions driving business success.  In my 20+ years in the industry, I have built a career understanding specific technology requirements and helped develop creative solutions that have a direct impact to the bottom line and rapidly add value.

So why HYCU?

The Game has Changed.

After many years in the storage and data protection industry, the challenge of data protection is real.  Historically, protecting data sets was complicated, complex and challenging. This led to backups that were not recoverable and became in effect, useless. Further, the window of time to take a backup was long, and recovery time objectives were unable to be met.

Having previously worked for large storage vendors such as EMC, NetApp and IBM, I understand first-hand how storage vendors instituted ways to address these technology challenges by providing storage-level management tools but struggled to manage the application logic. Traditional data protection vendors typically embraced traditional approaches, which often translated to more complexity and unnecessary complication.

And as newly emerging technology became mainstream, like virtualization, the complexities became even more complicated. When I worked at VMware, data protection was a key area of concern with virtual machines as the need for better management and consolidation grew.  Consolidation of resources meant the requirement of uptime.  Not to mention the growth of data. And we all know that is the one constant with data. According to Information Age, the projected total worldwide data will grow to 163ZB by 2025, over 10 times the amount of today’s data.  Management of the hardware, software, hypervisor, applications and data associated with this became unmanageable.


Survival of the Fittest: Businesses Must Transform

The outcome of these challenges? A new way of addressing resources for IT initiatives has evolved as a best practice to help drive business transformation.  Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) is now the logical way to provision additional resources without breaking processes of existing systems.  Providing an HCI offering that delivers an operating system across clouds, one that can scale, simply and securely, is the most effective way to cut through the complexity of traditional approaches while gaining control and ease of management. Having a tightly integrated, application-aware data protection strategy is the logical next step towards a whole product offering.


It’s Simple: Protect Your Data

Transformation is top of mind for industry-leading organizations.  Seamless data protection that provides invisible protection, allowing businesses to always be available, regardless of where the data resides – in the cloud or on-premises. This is why I’m so thrilled to be with HYCU, because this is precisely the value this company delivers–a simplified and harmonized data protection for the hyper-converged infrastructure in a multi-cloud era.

The good news is that HYCU prevents you from buying more than you need.

HYCU delivers a purpose-built virtual appliance leveraging the Nutanix cluster.

By running in this way, HYCU does not need to ‘reinvent’ technology and components. Instead HYCU provides immediate added value such as agentless application discovery and protection, one-click deployment with Nutanix CALM application automation, cloud-based protection, and archiving–to name a few.

HYCU Designed to Complement Nutanix with Immediate Value Add

(Source HYCU, Inc.) HYCU Designed to Complement Nutanix with Immediate Value Add.

A New Way to Win at Data Protection

HYCU stands for hyper-converged uptime.

The company has more than 20 years of data protection and monitoring experience in its DNA.  The company rebranded in March of this year.  With a simplified approach to data protection, HYCU for Nutanix was designed to be as simple to use as 1-2-3-4, one-click backup, two-minute recovery, three minutes to deploy, and four to learn.

Another area that HYCU provides is a partner-centric approach.

The partner program is committed to being frictionless, supportive and focused on delighting customers.  I recently had the opportunity to meet the latest additions in leadership and hear how committed they are, how much they believe in how HYCU can help businesses of every size embrace a simplified data protection strategy.  Great team, great people. And I am excited to be part of this extraordinary company.


Let’s Talk Data Protection

I am looking forward to continuing discussions with you to understand your challenges and how we can address your data protection needs. And you’ll want to follow my blog as I share insights into the latest data protection trends, technologies and solutions. In the next post, I’ll share my thoughts on the most common mistakes companies make when charting a modern data protection strategy.  

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