Discover in this eBook how HYCU Protégé empowers businesses to attain business continuity, data protection, and resilience seamlessly across various cloud platforms.
Data Protection as a Service
Data Protection as a Service

Simplifying Multi-Cloud Data Protection with HYCU

October 15, 2021

In today’s ultra-competitive tech environment ransomware continues to be an open-ended security threat for organizations both large and small across the globe. As most companies look to modernize their IT infrastructure by going digital, cybercriminals have sought to boost their profits by capitalizing on the weaknesses that come with a fast-moving and growing ecosystem.

In many instances, business systems that access your data have multi-cloud environments. It is critical to shield all these elements from unauthorized connection, attack, damage, or other further harm to establish ongoing business continuity.

The latest Flexera State of the Cloud 2021 report found that 76% of enterprises use multiple clouds (one or more public and one or more private). A hybrid cloud solution combines on-premises and multi-cloud use cases into a single, integrated use case. Modern data solutions bring data protection, data migration, and disaster recovery – all cloud-based together in an “as-a-service” format.

What is HYCU R-Cloud?

When you think of the word Protégé, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Is it something that defines an individual character or trait? Is it an act of motivation or inspiration to be like someone or something else? Perhaps, it’s just a word with no real meaning. For me, personally, the word Protégé is like a superhero . . . protector of everything that is good!

According to Merriam Webster, the word Protégé is defined as: “one who is protected or trained or whose career is furthered by a person of experience, prominence, or influence.”

For HYCU, the word Protégé represents a similar connotation, but without the personal or humanistic reference. And the main keyword to emphasize here is “protected”, or “protection.” HYCU Protégé is protection, data protection. It is also data migration and disaster recovery. When you put all the pieces together, HYCU Protégé is a comprehensive, multi-cloud data protection, data migration, and disaster recovery solution specifically designed from the ground up.

To fully understand HYCU Protégé, our recently published eBook “Simplifying Multi-Cloud Data Protection, Data Migration, and Disaster Recoverydelves into how Protégé enables companies to achieve business continuity, data protection, and resilience across multi-cloud platforms such as Amazon (AWS), Microsoft (Azure), Google (GCP), VMware (VMware Cloud) and Nutanix.

Furthermore, this eBook was designed to emphasize the need to escape the nuances of legacy systems and modernize their IT infrastructure with these three core requirements specifically in mind:

Data Protection

Maintaining and protecting the integrity of your organization’s data is of critical importance. An organization must do “whatever it takes” to ensure that its data remains protected throughout its journey and use, on-premises and in all clouds, both private and public.

Data Migration

Data migration can be complex especially when it involves multi-dimensional workloads. Managing data across multiple clouds coherently and consistently helps organizations achieve increased synergies and advantages.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery works best if it’s simple and cloud-native and delivers agentless application awareness to its users. For a suitable, up-to-date solution to do its job effectively, organizations must make sure that the cloud platforms in which they have invested in operate the way they are intended to, supported by integrated backup and recovery tools and techniques.


Simplifying Multi-cloud Data Protection with HYCU Protégé

The bottom line is that HYCU provides simplified, application-consistent business continuity for an organization’s data protection environment across multi-cloud infrastructures, from on-premises to public cloud. With HYCU, companies can protect data in on-premises and public cloud environments including GCP, Azure, and Nutanix-based data centers. In the unfortunate event of a disaster strike, HYCU provides recovery for mission-critical data to the cloud service suite of their choice.

HYCU CEO and Founder Simon Taylor explains it this way, “It’s about Your data. Your cloud. Yours to control. HYCU Protégé allows customers the freedom to use the cloud their way, with their control. All from a single management framework that provides the best of the on-premises and public cloud environments they experience.”

We are confident that this guide will provide the insights and best practices to safeguard your data and achieve business continuity and resilience across multiple cloud platforms.

We invite you to download the eBook for free today!

If you’d like more information about how we can help in your multi-cloud data protection journey, drop us a line at info@hycu.com or you can sign up for a free, no-obligation trial at TryHYCU.

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