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Announcing HYCU Protégé, Taking Multi-Cloud Data Protection to the Next Level

June 25, 2019

We are extremely excited to let all of you know about our next solution, HYCU Protégé, to solve customers’ multi-cloud data protection challenges.

It is no surprise that in today’s world many customers we have worked with over the years have multiple clouds in their environment. There was a recent stat that states customers have on an average 4.8 clouds per customer and it includes private, public cloud or SaaS applications. Protecting data no matter which cloud is in use is a business imperative. The question always remains the same. How do you protect and recover your business critical applications, data, databases and VMs. Traditional data protection approaches look at the emerging multi-cloud environment as a one size fits all. While this may sound like a good thing, they end up watering down specific needs to a lowest common denominator and the customer is the one left to try and make the solution work. When you invest in a cloud, any cloud for that matter, you are investing in next-generation infrastructure and you want to be able to leverage the cloud to its maximum capability, getting the best return on your investment for your IT budget. At HYCU, our mission has always been to build purpose-built solutions for any cloud our customers choose to use. For us, purpose-built is not a slogan, catch phrase or neat marketing jingo. It’s about making sure the cloud platform you have invested in operates the way it was designed, and the backup and recovery you choose complements it at the same time. We strongly believe there should be no redundancy, additional license or hardware cost, and that your data protection solution enriches your cloud of choice and does not require its own silo to operate.We have been fortunate enough to have earned the business and trust from more than 1,000 customers who each and every one tell us they love our simplicity, cloud-native experience and agent-less application awareness that HYCU brings to their data protection needs. Since the journey to the cloud is a journey in progress, customers are constantly faced with new sets of challenges. It is for this reason, we recently introduced HYCU Protégé to specifically address the way in which multi-cloud data protection is done.

Broadly speaking HYCU Protégé helps customers in three main areas:

  1. Provides a simple mechanism to “lift and shift” their applications from one on-prem/cloud to another cloud and make sure the data is protected all through the process and post the migration
  2. Provides a mechanism for customers to recover specific applications onto a different cloud for test and dev
  3. Provides a cost-effective Disaster Recovery option across clouds

“Lift and shift” between clouds

Most of the customers we work with today are in one of two camps: They have been asked to migrate some of the workloads they have to a public cloud or they have been asked to consolidate the number of public clouds they have into a select few. We see the split as 80-20 today and as more public clouds proliferate, the number of customers trying to consolidate keeps growing. What customers want us to do here is to automate the entire process and make it a one-click operation to migrate an entire application from on-prem or Cloud to another Cloud. We are already working with a number of customers who are already using HYCU + some procedural steps to help migrate their applications. HYCU Protégé will take that one step further and help simplify the process even further to become a one-click migration.

Cross-Cloud Application Recovery

Most customers when they plan their new infrastructure, definitely add a buffer for future expansion. But, as any person who has been in IT would tell you, the extra capacity gets used much sooner than planned. In addition, the application development and test teams want new infrastructure to test all the time. Many times they also want to test with most recent dataset. Since the test cycles are “burst” style workloads, the Cloud is perfect target to run these workloads. Customers have asked us to enable them to get application consistent copies onto the Cloud for their testing and HYCU Protégé will make this entire process a single click to spin up near production data onto the cloud. Customers can also use this functionality as partial application DR in case they have to do some maintenance on existing hardware. The entire mission of an IT organization is to deliver the best business service at the lowest cost and our goal is to assist them in this journey.

Cross-Cloud Disaster Recovery

Laws of Physics tell us that every infrastructure is bound to fail at some point in time and thus we need to plan for it. No one can avoid this. A traditional option for customers is to create a dedicated DR site for this event and that has been the best practice. The Cloud, with its ability to pool resources together and its ability to spin up new infrastructure as needed, is able to reduce the cost of the infrastructure for customers. With smart DR options like what HYCU Protégé can provide, customers will have a full solution that can allow them do a DR as needed by at a reasonable cost. DR is a complicated process and requires careful planning. A solution like HYCU Protégé can not only assist with it, but its simplicity reduces the possibility of errors in a time of crisis.We are extremely excited in how far we have come in such a short time. And with HYCU Protégé, we know our customers who have begun to rely on our purpose-built approach for each of their clouds, will now be able to take advantage of our approach to multi-cloud data protection. We are targeting general availability in Q3 of this year. If you would like to hear more, or be part of the early access program, please let us know by sending an email to info@hycu.com. We would love to engage with you.

HYCU Protege dashboard
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