The Power of Monitoring to Connect IT Teams

January 18, 2018

Having applications available to customers, secured and with expected performance, while keeping costs controlled is not an easy feat. It is a complex task and requires support and collaboration from multiple roles for execution: IT managers, Application owners, Support engineers and Infrastructure specialists.

Ideally if an application requires zero downtime, unless planned, you want to avoid the hand-wringing and finger pointing that can happen. Application owners blaming infrastructure engineers, support engineers blaming infrastructure architects, and so on and so on.

To help avoid this situation, and reduce application downtime, a good monitoring tool must share information with all teams connected with application delivery.

Yes, the specialists will use specific tools for management of their part of the application delivery but one, top level tool, should monitor the overall system and serve, to some extent, as a collaboration tool.

Application owners are fundamentally interested in the use of an application, uptime and health issues which may indicate problems with application configuration or in some cases, bugs.

Support engineers are first responders and they need to understand the problems and resulting consequences fast and to be able to activate specialists when necessary.

Infrastructure engineers (i.e. F5 specialists) are mostly interested in load balancing and other application delivery configurations.

Security engineers are interested in understanding how security infrastructure defends against attacks and to gain deep knowledge on attacks nature. They are also interested in controlling security configuration changes.

It proves that organizations which have good monitoring tools reduce unnecessary blame-games and increase positive communication to help with smooth application delivery.

This is just one reason HYCU Software created the HYCU SCOM Management Pack for F5 BIG-IP.

We wanted to help organizations running F5 BIG-IP achieve their clearly defined goals and achieve their described benefits.

If you are using F5 BIG-IP and want to learn more on how collaboration and monitoring can make your life easier, check out our SCOM Management Pack for F5 BIG-IP free evaluation.

Join the ranks of some of the biggest global organizations, we know you won’t be disappointed!

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Senior Director of Global Communications and PR

Don Jennings, Senior Director of Global Communications and PR at HYCU, Inc., is a seasoned communications executive with a career rooted in the enterprise IT space. Formerly a tech lead at an award-winning PR agency, Don excels at driving results and building strong relationships without resorting to games or annoying stakeholders. Passionate about storage, cloud, and data protection, and maintains robust connections with storage, IT, and enterprise software media and influencers.

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