The Five Things That Make Speed to HYCU Successful

October 29, 2018

When I joined HYCU earlier this year, I was excited for many reasons but three of the most significant to me were that, the company was 100% focused on its partners. All sales members were involved with the Channel. No competition from within or cannibalization of sales efforts. Second, my experience in building lasting and high performing partner programs was the perfect match. Third, the company was innovating in new ways and the technology was gaining customer and partner interest.

You have a partner friendly organization then you add the right leadership mix and you only have one thing left, executing so both the partner community and company, in this case HYCU, benefit. That’s where the rubber meets the road and how you measure the success of any effort, execution.

In my years of experience working in the channel I have observed five things that ultimately spell success in execution:

  1. Simplicity: This is perhaps one of the most over-used words, but in order for any program to be effective it needs to be simple to understand. Simple to use. Simple to deploy and simple to maintain. In a word, it needs to be the true meaning of simplicity.
  2. Mutually Beneficial: Like any and all relationships, if they are not mutually beneficial for each party then you run the risk of being one-sided. And, as we all know, unless you are the party that is benefitting the most, then there’s no point in continuing.
  3. Channel Friendly: This gets back to my earlier point about being 100% focused and friendly to partners. As we know, for any program to be effective, you need support, resources, tools, portals and access to experts and materials. However, all of this needs to be packaged appropriately for channel and partner access.
  4. Rewarding: The more effective a partner is in selling solutions, the more incentives and rewards they should grow to expect. That should go without saying. That means establishing rules of engagement and incentives and rewards that make sense. You want to avoid any feeling that a reward or measurement of success is arbitrary or not well thought out.
  5. Clear Definitions: If you do x, you gain y. If you need a, you’ll get b to support it. It gets back to a partner-vendor relationship that embraces an ideology of saying what you will do, and doing what you say. No reading between the proverbial lines or second guessing.


It’s with these principles in mind that I’m proud to roll out the first in our custom partner programs, the Speed to HYCU Program for partners that sell HYCU with a Nutanix Velocity opportunity. It’s designed to be simple to use and participate. Simply put, there is an additional 10% partner discount on HYCU licenses when sold with an approved Nutanix Velocity opportunity. And that’s not all. There are quarterly rewards and additional support opportunities. All you need to do is check out the details on our Partner Portal.

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When you read more on our latest program, you’ll see how we firmly believe in helping all our partners grow their businesses, and in helping make HYCU for Nutanix, the data protection solution of choice for Nutanix Enterprise Cloud users. I encourage you to check out our latest program and tell us what you think! We know we’ll only be as successful as our partners are, and for that we can’t thank you enough!

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