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April 2, 2020

As the COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus spreads around the world, companies are asking their workers to work remotely as a measure against the rapidly-spreading disease. People have been on lock down and it introduces different kinds of challenges for all of us. Remote work is at test on a global scale. As we personally have to adapt to social and communication challenges this new circumstance creates, many companies also find their infrastructure unprepared to support their employees working from home offices. Effective remote work requires communication and collaboration tools and remote access to company network and resources.

We observe some of our customers have had to upgrade their infrastructure to support this new remote work trend and allow their employees to connect to company network from remote locations. In many cases additional F5 BIG-IP devices need to be introduced to support the sudden load on VPN connections and applications for collaboration. F5 BIG-IP is typically first in line to process incoming users and its help in handling such increased loads on infrastructure is essential.

Keeping your F5 BIG-IP healthy

When your business is even more dependent on your infrastructure to support your employees to be able to do their work and drive business is paramount. An F5 BIG-IP device outage can prevent employees from connecting to company network and applications, which can have a catastrophic effect on business.

Best Practices for F5 BIG-IP Management in Remote Work Scenarios

  1. Regular health checks and performance monitoring
  2. Proactive capacity planning to handle increased loads
  3. Implementing high availability configurations to prevent downtime
  4. Keeping firmware and security patches up to date
  5. Utilizing advanced analytics to identify and resolve issues quickly

To promptly detect events that can influence optimal application delivery with F5 BIG-IP and to allow you to take appropriate actions to ensure the best user experience, use a monitoring solution like HYCU SCOM Management Pack for F5 BIG-IP. This will help keep your employees connected and productive by monitoring device health, high-availability readiness, failover events and critical application availability.

By leveraging solutions like F5 BIG-IP and HYCU SCOM Management Pack, businesses can ensure that their employees remain productive, connected, and secure, regardless of their physical location. This resilience and adaptability will be key to thriving in the post-pandemic business world.

To support our existing and new customers deal with the challenging and hopefully transient times that are being brought to their business, we at HYCU have decided to offer our HYCU SCOM Management Pack for F5 BIG-IP in a subscription-based model and make it easy for customers to take advantage of solutions for new infrastructure they have to deploy to manage during this important period. If you need any more information or would like to hear about our product benefits, contact us at info@hycu.com.

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SVP of Product

Subbiah Sundaram is the SVP, Product at HYCU. Subbiah spearheads product management, product marketing, alliances, sales engineering, and customer success with more than 20 years' experience delivering best-in-class multi-cloud data protection and on-premises solutions. A Kellogg Management School MBA graduate, Subbiah has worked with leading companies such as EMC, NetApp, Veritas, BMC, CA, and DataGravity.

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