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Rating Your Backup and Recovery Solution for Nutanix and Cloud Environments

February 15, 2023

If you had to rate your legacy backup and recovery solution today, does it get a passing grade? Or does it get a pass because it feels like you’re stuck with it? We’re not going to judge you if backup and recovery has not been high up on your list of digital transformation priorities (that’s why we’re asking you to judge yourself). But we would like to give you the tools to evaluate your data protection for your Nutanix environment.

Why now is the time to evaluate your backup and recovery solutions

Over the past few years, digital transformation kicked into overdrive. Organizations worked hard to create competitive tech stacks that are agile, scalable, and meet the demanding and unique needs of each business. To do that, IT teams turned to enterprise hybrid clouds like Nutanix, along with public cloud platforms and SaaS apps.  

Now that the pandemic-fueled growth is waning, IT leaders are looking to reduce IT spend and improve operational efficiency. It can be an uncomfortable conversation, especially when you start talking about data protection capabilities. But we’re betting that, if you take the time to evaluate your current backup and recovery solutions for your enterprise hybrid cloud infrastructure (and SaaS apps), you’ll find opportunities to cut costs and become more efficient—without diminishing your organization’s data protection capabilities.

That’s because a new breed of SaaS-based data protection solutions are changing the way hybrid and multi-cloud environments are protected against data loss, disasters, and ransomware.  

Let’s go through the key questions that will help you evaluate whether you’re missing out by sticking with your legacy Nutanix backup and recovery solutions this year.

7 Questions to help you rate your backup and recovery solution

1. Is your backup and recovery solution purpose built for Nutanix?

The scale: “Nope” to “Yep”

Why it matters:

Sure, this question seems basic, but not having a purpose-built solution can cause many headaches later. From not being able to back up Nutanix Files to performance penalties to needing extra software or hardware, not having a purpose-built solution can lead to more time and money being spent on data protection than expected.  

2. How many solutions make up my data protection strategy (including backup, disaster recovery, storage vendors, etc.)?

The scale: “One and done, baby” to “I literally can’t count them all”

Why it matters:

Building a data protection strategy for your Nutanix hybrid cloud environment using legacy solutions usually means patching together multiple vendors for backup, disaster recovery, and storage. While it made sense at the time, now there are SaaS-based data protection solutions that can streamline your data protection infrastructure. You might be able to make your life easier by consolidating backup capabilities with a new vendor.

3. What is the TCO for my data protection strategy (including Nutanix and other environments)?

The scale: “I should probably spend more” to “I am way overpaying for redundant tools”

Why it matters:

If you’re using multiple solutions for backup, DR, and ransomware protection across your entire environment, switching to a unified, purpose-built solution can lower your cost. A solution like HYCU can help cut down on the TCO with the simplicity of SaaS. No more time wasted on agents, manual software updates, or paying for unnecessary cloud compute costs.

4. How often do I need to add new software/hardware/licenses to protect my Nutanix environment?

The scale: “Never” to “Way too often”

Why it matters:

Legacy data protection solutions can require extra software, hardware, or cloud costs every time you want to scale up or leaves you overpaying when you scale down. SaaS-based backup and recovery solutions like HYCU can scale elastically, meaning you can manage your Nutanix and cloud environments your way—no extra software, hardware, or proprietary storage required first.

5. How quickly can I restore?

The scale: “I just did it while I read this sentence” to “I can’t say for sure”

Why it matters:

Quick and reliable backup restoration is not only important for business continuity, but also a safeguard against ransomware attacks. Legacy solutions can make it hard to know when you’re meeting your key recovery SLAs. HYCU provides RTO assurance and a tight integration with Nutanix’s native snapshots for an additional layer of recoverability.  

6. How much time am I spending on backup and recovery upkeep?

The scale: “I should probably spend more” to “I am way overpaying for redundant tools”

Why it matters:

If your Nutanix backup strategy requires you to constantly install software, manage hardware, and stay on top of updates and hot-fixes to avoid vulnerabilities, you’re probably spending more time on backup administration than you need to be. With a true cloud-based data protection solution, you can focus on value-add projects instead of babysitting backup agents.

7. What is the learning curve for my team to use the backup solution?

The scale: “My grandma could use this” to “I sleep with a manual by my bedside just in case”

Why it matters:

When it comes to backup and recovery, complexity is the enemy. The easier your solution is to use for your team, the easier it will be to protect your Nutanix environment. HYCU’s purpose-built design and SaaS approach means anyone can master using it in less time than cumbersome legacy solutions.

So, how are you feeling about your current Nutanix backup solution after this brief reflection? Is now the time to see what modern data protection can do to give you peace-of-mind?  

Choosing the right data protection for your Nutanix environment not only impacts your budget and your team’s time, but it can be also be the last line of defense against a costly ransomware attack and accelerate your migration to the cloud (and back).

See why HYCU is the best Nutanix backup and recovery solution out there

HYCU is a modern, purpose-built data protection solution designed for Nutanix. It delivers cost-efficient and comprehensive data protection with the simplicity of SaaS. Plus, it can help you streamline data protection across your clouds and SaaS apps when you’re ready.

When the Gaming1 Group re-evaluated their backup solution for Nutanix, they realized that "being bogged down by the nuances of a slow and hard to manage backup system was not something they could maintain." Now, with HYCU, Quentin Gillet, IT Infrastructure Manager, and his colleagues are enjoying how much simpler it is to protect their Nutanix environment.

“We chose HYCU because of its ease of use, from installation to deployment. The fact it is agentless and works well with both Nutanix and VMware further cemented our decision to go with HYCU.” Quentin Gillet, IT Infrastructure Manager, Gaming1 Group

There’s a reason why HYCU has a Net Promoter Score of 91. See why HYCU is the go-to choice for protecting Nutanix enterprise hybrid cloud environment for yourself by requesting a demo today.

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