Empower Nutanix Data Security with HYCU
Data Protection as a Service
Data Protection as a Service

Empower Nutanix Data Protection With New HYCU Innovation

May 20, 2024

HYCU Continues its Expansion of Nutanix Hybrid Cloud Data Protection

HYCU was the first vendor to deliver a purpose-built data protection solution for Nutanix environments, and we continue to deliver the most comprehensive coverage for all Nutanix services. Our ongoing innovations and close partnership with Nutanix ensure customers get the best possible data protection experience with our “first and only” industry-leading technology advancements.

As the pioneer in completely agentless, multi-tenant, scalable, and intelligently simple data protection purpose-built for Nutanix, HYCU makes it easy for customers to meet their Recovery Time Objectives (RTO). A big part of any data protection requirement is the ability to "Assure the RTO." Our tight integration with Nutanix AHV, VMware on Nutanix, Nutanix Files, Nutanix ROBO, Nutanix Volumes, and more, provide customers with the assurance they need to meet their SLAs effortlessly.

If there is one thing that is certain in IT, it’s the fact that the number of data sources that IT Departments need to protect will constantly grow! As much as people try to consolidate their infrastructure, the applications and data needs just explode. At HYCU, we are very proud of the fact that we have built a platform that can scale to meet the growing demands of customers with ease.

Want to learn more? Watch our two-minute video on HYCU and Nutanix integration.

See how easy! Visit the HYCU for Nutanix tour and discover how effortless data protection for your Nutanix workloads can be.

Guaranteed Recovery Promise: HYCU's advanced logic ensures your Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) are met, aligning data protection with your service-level agreements. Fine-tuning your infrastructure to achieve desired RTOs becomes a breeze with HYCU's Data Protection and Disaster Recovery solutions.

At Nutanix .Next, we are previewing three key innovations:

  • 1-click Data Protection for Nutanix NDB: Simplifies backups and streamlines management.
  • Scalable Forever Incremental Protection for Nutanix Objects: Scales effortlessly and assures data retention compliance.
  • Repatriation of SaaS Data to Nutanix Unified Storage: Provides an option for customers to bring their as-a-Service data onto NUS.

Let us dive into these features and explore how they benefit your business.

Integrated Support for Nutanix NDB

HYCU is excited to be the first data protection vendor to announce fully integrated support for Nutanix Data Service (Nutanix NDB). Many of us are very familiar with Database as a Service (DBaaS) services like AWS RDS and Azure SQL. Nutanix was a pioneer in bringing such a service to the hybrid world and helping customers realize the benefits that were only available in public clouds to customers that have the need to straddle both on-prem and public cloud. Now customers can spin up new enterprise class databases of their choice in minutes and at the same time optimize the ongoing database management tasks. Since the data in Enterprise Databases hold the critical data, customers need a simple way to keep copies of data for data safety, data retention, and for compliance and regulatory requirements. HYCU, in partnership with Nutanix, has now brought its simplicity of data protection of mission critical data to Nutanix NDB customers.  

HYCU auto-discovering Nutanix NDB managed servers
HYCU auto-discovering Nutanix NDB managed servers

Key Benefits:  

  1. Simplified Management: Discover NDB managed resources automatically in the HYCU UI to automate and streamline database backup processes, reducing the administrative overhead and minimizing human error.  
  1. Enhanced Reliability: Integrate with Nutanix infrastructure to create a database consistent copy of data and creates consistent, immutable, and air-gapped copies of your critical databases..  
  1. Rapid Recovery: Deliver fast and efficient recovery options to minimize downtime and ensure business continuity.

Scalable Forever Incremental Protection of Nutanix Objects  

When AWS introduced AWS S3, it was an innovation that not too many people knew how to use. Now S3 is a standard that not just web applications use, but also tremendous amount of enterprise applications and even containerized applications use. S3 used to hold what was considered “non-critical” data, but today, it holds the “production” data from critical applications. Which leads to new IT requirements to make sure the data is backed up, retained to business policies, and meets compliance needs.

Nutanix Objects which is part of Nutanix Unified Storage, provides a scalable way for customers to hold billions and billions of objects. The new scalable forever incremental protection of Nutanix Objects is a significant change for organizations dealing with large volumes of unstructured data. HYCU’s incremental protection strategy ensures that only the changes since the last backup are stored, dramatically reducing storage requirements, and enhancing backup performance.  

HYCU protecting Nutanix Objects buckets
HYCU protecting Nutanix Objects buckets

Key Benefits:  

  1. Storage Efficiency: By storing only incremental changes, HYCU optimizes storage usage, leading to cost savings and improved performance.  
  1. Scalability: Easily scale your backup infrastructure to accommodate growing data volumes without compromising on performance or reliability.  
  1. Granular Recovery: Minimize downtime with cataloged backups and efficient granular recovery process.

Repatriation of SaaS Data to Nutanix Unified Storage

The average number of SaaS in a mid-sized organization is 217! When we mention that in conversations with customers, the number boggles their minds, but the concerning fact is that 95% of SaaS applications are unprotected and have little to no enterprise class backup and recovery capability! With HYCU R-Cloud, customers can now protect over 70 different data sources, and that number is growing every month. Many of our customers, especially in Europe, want to have a copy of their own data that they control and manage. Nutanix Object storage provides a scalable, cost-efficient option.

With HYCU’s latest update, customers can bring back their SaaS data onto Nutanix Unified Storage. This ensures that critical applications hosted on various cloud platforms are backed up and can be restored swiftly, maintaining business continuity.

Key Benefits:  

  1. Unified Protection: Ensure legal compliance and data safety by maintaining a backup data copy of SaaS applications alongside on-premises and cloud-native workloads on-premises.  
  1. Versatile Compatibility: Support for a wide range of SaaS applications ensures comprehensive coverage of your entire IT ecosystem.  
  1. Rapid Recovery: Minimize downtime with efficient granular recovery processes that efficiently bring applications data back online.  


HYCU is happy to be the provider that delivers the best innovation for Nutanix customers and continues to make sure all Nutanix services are protected for customers. The integrated support for Nutanix NDB, scalable forever incremental protection of Nutanix Objects, and the protection of SaaS applications for Nutanix Unified Storage collectively offer a robust, scalable, and efficient solution for the modern enterprise.

Experience the future of data protection today and stay ahead of the curve with HYCU. Whether you are managing structured or unstructured databases, log files, sensor data, or cloud-based applications, HYCU provides the tools and platform you need to secure your data and ensure business continuity in an increasingly digital world.

New to HYCU? Explore how we safeguard data on Nutanix in our virtual tour. Plus, experience it yourself firsthand – try HYCU for Nutanix for free!

If you are attending Nutanix. NEXT in Barcelona (May 21-23), stop by the HYCU Booth (location S9) or schedule a demo.  

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Author: Subbiah Sundaram, SVP of Products, HYCU

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