Nutanix Mine with HYCU, Available to Make Secondary Storage Invisible

November 26, 2019

Nutanix announced Nutanix Mine at the .NEXT Conference in Anaheim earlier this year

We were proud to be the first to support it. Ever since we introduced HYCU Data Protection for Nutanix in mid-2017 at the .NEXT Conference in Washington DC, we have been focused on supporting all of the latest innovations from Nutanix, especially those that we’re certain will bring significant value to our joint customers.

With the growing number of customers using HYCU backup with Nutanix as a target, Nutanix Mine with HYCU, orderable as a single SKU, will enable them to deploy and to scale a turnkey backup solution in minutes, while consolidating primary and secondary infrastructure management all from within a single management interface. Tuhina Goel, Nutanix product marketing manager, said it best recently on a joint webinar, “Making Secondary Storage Invisible, Nutanix Mine with HYCU.” Nutanix Mine brings the beauty of hyperconvergence to secondary data in the data center. Traditional approaches add complexity and make secondary data a standalone silo.

That is what made so many customers excited by Nutanix Mine at time of introduction.

As a self-sufficient turnkey solution along with backup in a single solution, it provides the power of Nutanix 1-click simplicity to handle both primary and second storage workloads. Because Nutanix Mine is tightly integrated with Nutanix core data fabric along with Prism management console, data center managers can now rely on a single pane of glass for both primary and secondary data. It’s a marriage of the best approaches to create a modern backup solution.

Nutanix Mine with HYCU helps unify IT operations.

For customers that are drawn to the simplicity and scale that HCI provides, they now have the same simplicity and scale for secondary storage environments as well. There is also a fast time-to-value for customers, from sizing backup environments to deploying it in minutes and manage it by a single console and the ease of scaling it out. Finally, the capability of scaling up and out using expansion nodes, gives customers an option to start small and use expansion nodes as they wish to grow.

When you couple our approach coming out of a 20+ years of deep experience in data protection, Nutanix Mine with HYCU is the ideal solution for Nutanix customers to address both primary and secondary storage environments, especially for those customers looking to take advantage of the Nutanix-led data center.

If you’re interested in making your secondary storage environment more cost-efficient, check out Nutanix Mine with HYCU. You can schedule a demo or contact us for a 45-day free trial!

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