Why 2019 was the best year for HYCU... So far

HYCU: The Full Picture and Why 2019 Was So Good

January 9, 2020

For HYCU, 2019 was an outstanding year.

300% year-over-year growth. Multiple new solutions delivered to market! First to support and make Nutanix Mine with HYCU generally available. Introduced significant enhancements for Google Cloud Platform users. New and exciting partnerships in North America, EMEA, Japan, and Australia/New Zealand to help with geographic expansion - HYCU is now sold in more than 65 countries worldwide. Additionally, we added new customers across the board for our built for purpose multi-cloud data management solutions including our first seven figure customer win and several six figure deals in the year including a number of FORTUNE 500 customers. We also introduced HYCU Protégé that allows customers to have a single pane of glass for consolidated management of data across clouds, application consistent data migration and disaster recovery (DR). And, this is now generally available! And we’re just getting started!

Looking back on 2019, there were three things that rang true from our perspective.

1. Multi-cloud is the new normal

It really has become a multi-cloud world out there. We saw more interest now in multi-cloud than ever before. With more than 4 clouds in use at enterprises globally on average, multi-cloud infrastructure has become the new normal. Customers were looking for data protection solutions that helped complement their cloud of choice while simplifying key processes like data migration and DR. That was a big driver for why we introduced HYCU Protégé. HYCU allows customers the freedom to use their cloud, their way, with their control. With HYCU Protégé customers now get a management framework that leverages the best of the on-premises and public cloud environments they use and complements it with cross- cloud data management capabilities.

2. Consistency was key

For our customers, it was important that the experience they had within each specific cloud, be it on-premises or public, did not change when they used their cloud of choice. In addition, consistency was important from an application perspective. It was important to deliver a data protection and management solution that delivered application consistent data migration and DR. And of course, delivering consistent support and services for both customers and partners alike was extremely important.

3. Cloud-native, as-a-service on the rise

With the adoption of multi-clouds, and more interest in selecting clouds to best address workloads, customers began to think beyond infrastructure for the cloud and importantly, in the cloud. They wanted to leverage more and more of the native cloud services to enhance their agility. The first ones from an infrastructure perspective we saw customers using were database-as-a-service and from a collaboration perspective Google Suite and O365. Adoption continued to expand rapidly for these services. Additionally, we saw when customers were using one public cloud for infrastructure, migration was typically a one-time event, painful, but a necessary evil and they put up with it. With the rising adoption of multi-clouds, customers ended up having the need to migrate the data not once, but multiple times and for a variety of reasons. So, the traditional approach of having a huge consulting engagement or a complex migration process was not working well.

For us, this has been such an incredible year. We have watched our fledgling startup grow over the last three years into an international business with more than 1,200 customers worldwide. It is an honor to work in this industry with our customers and partners. We wish you all continued and amazing success in the months to come!

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