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HYCU for Microsoft 365

February 11, 2021

Automated Backup and Recovery as a Service

HYCU for Microsoft 365 (M365) provides comprehensive data protection as a service that includes high-performance, scalable backup along with a highly flexible set of recovery options to prevent any form of data loss. Also included is a rich feature set that helps meet legal, compliance and eDiscovery needs for any size organization.

With HYCU application-aware backup, granular recovery and migration, HYCU for M365 offers true SaaS-based enterprise-class multi-cloud data protection.


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  • A True SaaS Architecture: Save time, energy and money by simply subscribing to our service, select what to backup
  • Complete Protection of M365: Protect your entire M365 from data corruption, malicious deletion and malware/ransomware attacks
  • Flexible Recovery of M365: Easily recovery your M365 assets from any data loss situation that can threaten your business
  • eDiscovery and Compliance: Keep tabs on your email activity to
    ensure the safety of your business critical and proprietary data.
  • Security at every level: Safeguard from risks and costly penalties by ensuring backup compliance of all your M365 assets.
  • Experts to watch your back: Sleep easy at night with proactive
    tech. support resolving issues before you know them.

A True SaaS Architecture

  • Deploy with Ease: No need to waste time and money on professional services as HYCU is delivered as a service with instant deployment, no maintenance and no upgrades.
  • Cloud Scale Architecture: Avoid countless hours of planning and sizing exercises of your backup infrastructure with HYCU’s dynamic scalable architecture.
  • Zero Backup Management: With built-in automation such as job scheduling and backup target provisioning, customers do not have to waste any time in backup management.

Total 360° Backup of M365

  • Comprehensive Protection: Instantly protect your emails, SharePoint, OneDrive, OneNote, Groups, Teams and much more.
  • Aggressive RPOs for M365 : Achieve high-frequency data protection of M365 assets with constant journaling M365 emails adhering to Microsoft best practices.
  • Retain Backups Forever: Leverage unlimited backup retention by default with customizable options for finite retention.

Flexible recovery for M365

  • Granular email Recovery: Recover emails, attachments, contacts, calendars, tasks, with options of bi-directional email migration between M365, exchange and gmail.
  • Granular file Recovery: Perform granular (files and folders) and full recovery of OneDrive (files), SharePoint (sites), Groups and Teams.
  • Search and Recover: Advanced, yet an intuitive global search and granular recovery option for Emails, OneDrive and SharePoint backups.

eDiscovery and Compliance

  • Detailed Monitoring: Detailed audit trail of email backups, searches, downloads, deletion and much more with alerts and notifications.
  • Legal and Compliance Hold: Suspend email expiration on demand for situations like ad-hoc legal and compliance audit.
  • eDiscovery across the board: Keep constant track of email correspondence and analytics between senders and recipients.

Stay Secure at Every Level

  • End to End Encryption: Supports In-transit and At-rest encryption; TLS 1.2, AES256, FIPS-2 certified Amazon KMS.
  • Data Protection Compliance: Solution compliant with several standard; HIPAA, GDPR, PDPA (Singapore) and Australia Privacy Act.
  • Backup Storage Compliance: Backup target is compliant with: SOC 1,2 and 3,ISO27001, FedRAMP, FISMA, DIACAP, DOD CSM Levels 1-5, FIPS 140-2

Experts to watch your back

  • Proactive Customer Support: HYCU’s team of experts and engineers keep a constant eye on your M365 backup infrastructure 24/7to offer preventative oversight.
  • Extended Support Team as Needed: We hold ourselves to the highest standards by treating every one of our customers with professionalism, empathy and care.
  • Our Net Promoter Score: HYCU measures customer success through NPS. Validated by a third party, HYCU’s NPS is 91+, the highest among backup providers in the industry.
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Senior Technical Solutions Architect

Shiva Raja is a Senior Technical Solutions Architect at HYCU, bringing over a decade of experience in designing and implementing innovative IT solutions. At HYCU, Shiva plays a pivotal role in shaping the company's technology strategy, ensuring that clients receive cutting-edge, efficient, and scalable solutions tailored to their unique needs.

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