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Microsoft 365

Protecting Your Office 365 Data and Your Organization

February 11, 2021

Since the early 2000’s, companies have been migrating en masse to Microsoft Exchange. GSuite was introduced and took some users to Google, but soon Microsoft pivoted and in 2011 introduced Office 365 as a Service. Office 365 (O365), now branded as Microsoft 365 (or M365), is used by more than a million companies worldwide, with over 650,000 companies in the US using the office suite software. The service has gone through a number of innovations over the years and now is at a point where nearly every customer is encouraged to get rid of their On-premises infrastructure and migrate to the O365 service.

Customers are not just migrating to O365

They want to aggressively adopt all of the services offered in it for several significant reasons:

  1. Attractive licensing model: Microsoft has made it attractive with their licensing model - especially when you look at the comprehensive nature of the solution.
  2. Usability: The solution itself has become easy to use.
  3. Cloud Push: IT organizations have a mandate to go to the cloud and O365 is a no brainer.
  4. Noisy End Users: IT Organizations in general worry about managing “end-user” facing apps, like email, chat, voice and video. Reason being that when things work, no one bothers with it and when things fail the entire organization is staring at them.
  5. Rise of the Remote Workforce: Last but not the least, the current coronavirus pandemic has made the virtual workplace and virtual communication even more critical.

With any and all of an organization’s crown jewels, i.e., organizational and customer communications, being in O365, companies need to make sure the data is safe and secure. In the event something goes wrong or a user accidentally or maliciously deletes data, IT administrators need to have an ability to recover data and files instantaneously. In addition, since this is communications, IT teams will be asked to have immediate and easy access to the data for HR purposes or legal issues of financial and compliance matters.

(HYCU for O365 Dashboard)

With this context, we are very happy to share the news that HYCU for O365 is now generally available.

In addition to protecting virtual machines and apps on Enterprise Clouds and Public Clouds, customers can now use HYCU R-Cloud to protect their O365 services.

This extends our mission to deliver the simplest, easiest, complete and most cost-efficient backup and recovery service customers can use. Here are few highlights of our service:

  • As a Service: Like our other cloud services, HYCU for O365 is a delivered as a fully managed service that is deployed, maintained, monitored and upgraded without any need for customer involvement. Turn it on and you’re ready to go.
  • Unlimited Retention: All of the backups can be kept for an indefinite period of time and is part of the services with zero additional cost.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: When customers want to protect their O365, they need to make sure all of the data - be it in Outlook or SharePoint or OneDrive or Teams or …, are all protected. They can’t tell their boss that they can’t recover something because the backup software didn’t do it. HYCU for O365 covers all subscription services within O365.
  • Granular Recovery: Customers backup the data only to recover it and HYCU for O365 provides them the desired granularity of recovery - be it a full mailbox, a full one-drive, an individual email or file or folder or a chat session or a one note.
  • Compliance and eDiscovery: Modern backup software used for critical communication like O365 cannot just backup up data without factoring in compliance as well. With HYCU for O365, customers don’t just get backup and recovery, but also archiving, search, tagging, Legal Hold and eDiscovery capabilities. Since communication data is governed by Government regulators, HYCU for O365 also provides customers options to meet their data residency requirements with worldwide service.
  • Data Security: When in cloud, the biggest worry customers have is always, “is the data secure?” All data in HYCU is fully encrypted both in transit and in storage. In addition, the service is SOC compliant.

We can go on and on, but the best thing to do is see for yourself. The easiest way to do that is to turn on the service, use it and experience it firsthand. You can do that at TryHYCU or by reaching out to us at info@hycu.com. We know you won’t be disappointed!

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Senior Technical Solutions Architect

Shiva Raja is a Senior Technical Solutions Architect at HYCU, bringing over a decade of experience in designing and implementing innovative IT solutions. At HYCU, Shiva plays a pivotal role in shaping the company's technology strategy, ensuring that clients receive cutting-edge, efficient, and scalable solutions tailored to their unique needs.

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