Hub of Innovation for Company’s International Headquarters

September 9, 2016

When GE announced it was moving its headquarters to Boston, Massachusetts, for many, it was no surprise. Massachusetts has long been known for being an innovation economy. And, for technology companies in particular, Massachusetts has always been attractive to build and grow for the future.


Comtrade Software Chooses Hub of Innovation for Company’s International Headquarters

In 2015, in a report by CompTIA, the leading tech industry association, the state claimed highest per-capita ranking nationwide in tech-related patenting, licensing, and venture capital. And, according to The Boston Globe, the state claimed the No. 1 spot nationally in high-tech notably in research and development, testing and life science industries.

So it’s in keeping with the states’ history in innovation that we chose Massachusetts, and Boston, as the venue to host the international headquarters for HYCU. With our long-term growth strategy in mind, Boston was a natural choice. What may have surprised me most was answering the question, “Why not Silicon Valley?”

In spite of Silicon Valley’s attractiveness, giving rise to many cutting-edge companies like Apple, Facebook, Google and Intel to name a few, for us, Boston fosters an environment ripe for technology innovation. The city also provides access to talent and brings us closer to our hundreds of New England customers. It’s also a great location to help us accelerate our growth plans for all of North America.

The choice was also personal for me. As a Bostonian with European roots, I am always impressed by the city’s history, pride and cultural strength. And these are the same qualities HYCU shares with Boston and why it truly feels like a perfect match. On the operational side - relatively short flights to a number of important destinations and proximity to Europe are also advantageous as we truly are a global business. Therefore we can see our new US location as central to reaching and connecting with our US and Global partners and clients.

I’m also looking forward to continuing to give back to the Boston community, both personally and for HYCU. College Bound Dorchester, a local organization that focuses on helping hard-to-reach students achieve their greatest potential through education and enrollment in college, has been one of many organizations I am personally proud to help in any way I can.

As a business, we have aggressive plans for growth and I know that being headquartered in Boston will make sure we meet our objectives. We’re excited to be here and I’m looking forward to keeping you all posted on how things progress. And please make sure to check back as I share photos from our Boston office opening reception!

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Simon Taylor is the founder and CEO of HYCU. A serial entrepreneur, prior to HYCU, Simon led Comtrade Software, an infrastructure monitoring business, sold to Citrix. Having raised more than $140M at HYCU, Simon has more than 20 years' experience in go-to-market strategy development, product marketing and channel sales management for high-growth, tech companies. An Instituto de Empresa (Madrid) MBA graduate, he has worked with leading companies such as Comtrade Group, Forrester Research, Putnam Investments and Omgeo.

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